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Collection: Cigar Humidors

Without proper storage a cigar can last only a few days because it will dry out. But with proper storage a cigar can months or even years. Humidors are designed to provide a space to control relative humidity using humidification, which is essential to the life span and quality control of a cigar. Every cigar enthusiast NEEDS to carry a cigar humidor to hold and store cigars to maintain maximum consistency and life span. Not only does proper storage increase the life of your cigar but it maintains the flavor profile of how the cigar was intended to be enjoyed. 

A cigar humidor is a storage solution for your cigars that come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. It allows for the above benefits and also a really cool way to display and show off a collection of cigars ranging from a small collection to thousands!


Explore Our Different Types of Cigar Humidors Storage

1. Travel Humidors and Cases: Travel humidors are portable and compact storage solutions designed to keep cigars fresh and properly humidified while on the go. They are perfect for cigar enthusiasts who travel frequently, ensuring that they can enjoy their cigars in optimal condition no matter where they are.

2. Desktop Humidors: Desktop humidors are stylish and functional boxes designed for home or office use. They come in various sizes and designs, often doubling as decorative pieces. Cigar aficionados who enjoy smoking at home or in the office often use desktop humidors to store and display their cigar collection conveniently.

3. Electric Cigar Coolers: Electric cigar coolers are modern and technologically advanced storage solutions. They are equipped with temperature and humidity controls, providing precise conditions for aging and preserving cigars. Cigar collectors who value precise environmental control and aging might opt for electric cigar coolers.

4. Cigar Humidor Furniture: These are large, often handcrafted, and aesthetically pleasing pieces of furniture that combine storage and display of cigars with a stylish and decorative element. Cigar enthusiasts with a significant collection who want to make a statement in their living spaces might invest in cigar humidor furniture.

5. Cigar Cabinets: Cigar cabinets are larger storage units, akin to furniture, that offer substantial capacity for storing cigars. They are suitable for serious collectors or those who want to maintain an extensive inventory of cigars in optimal conditions.

6. Commercial Display Cigar Humidors: These are specially designed humidors used by cigar shops, lounges, and restaurants to display and store cigars for commercial purposes. They are often larger, equipped with glass displays, and built to showcase cigars attractively while maintaining their freshness.

In summary, the choice of a cigar humidor depends on your preferences, needs, and lifestyle. Travel humidors suit those on the move, desktop humidors are ideal for home or office use, electric cigar coolers offer precise control, cigar humidor furniture adds style to storage, cigar cabinets accommodate collectors, and commercial display humidors serve businesses in the cigar industry. Each type serves the common purpose of preserving cigars' quality and flavor through proper humidity and temperature control, catering to the unique requirements of different cigar enthusiasts.