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Collection: Beverage Center Refrigerators

Discover the Ultimate Beverage Center Refrigerators for Your Home. Welcome to our exclusive collection of Beverage Center Refrigerators, where style meets functionality. Whether you're a casual entertainer or a passionate beverage enthusiast, our selection offers the perfect solution for keeping your drinks perfectly chilled and ready to serve. Explore our range of tall beverage refrigerators, under-counter beverage fridges, and more to find the ideal fit for your home.

Adding a beverage center refrigerator serves multiple purposes. Versatile enough to not only store beverages but also other small consumables that needs to be stored cool. While adding a visually stunning decorative enhancement to any room in your house, it is convenient grab and go beverage access source. We're here to show you that when convenience meets luxury you've made the correct decision and you can do so by adding one of our finest beverage center storage solutions to your home.

If you're a beverage enthusiast or love to entertain guests, investing in a beverage center for your home can be a game-changer. These specialized appliances offer a range of benefits that enhance your lifestyle and elevate your hosting experience. 

Why Choose Our Beverage Centers?

Our beverage centers are designed to offer superior performance and stylish design, providing the perfect solution for any home. Whether you're looking for a compact fridge for a small space or a larger model for extensive storage, our collection has something for everyone. Here's why you should consider getting a beverage center and what to look for when buying one-

Benefits of Buying a Beverage Center:

  1. Organized Storage: A beverage center provides dedicated and organized storage for all your drinks, including wines, beers, soft drinks, and more. It keeps your beverages neatly arranged, preventing clutter in your kitchen refrigerator.

  2. Temperature Control: Beverage centers typically offer precise temperature control, ensuring your drinks are stored at their ideal serving temperatures. Some models come with dual-zone cooling, perfect for keeping red and white wines at separate temperatures.

  3. UV Protection: Many beverage centers come with UV-protected glass doors. This feature shields your drinks from harmful ultraviolet rays, preserving their quality and taste over time.

  4. Versatility: Beverage centers often have adjustable shelves, accommodating various bottle sizes and configurations. This versatility is ideal for storing everything from tall wine bottles to shorter beer bottles.

  5. Space-Saving: By having a dedicated beverage center, you can free up valuable space in your main refrigerator, allowing for more food storage and preventing any flavor crossover.

  6. Energy Efficiency: Modern beverage centers are designed with energy efficiency in mind, helping you reduce your carbon footprint and save on electricity bills.

What to Look for When Buying a Beverage Center:

  1. Capacity: Consider the number of beverages you regularly stock and how many guests you typically entertain. Choose a beverage center with the appropriate capacity to meet your needs.

  2. Cooling Zones: If you enjoy both red and white wines, opt for a model with dual-zone cooling. This feature lets you store different wines at their ideal temperatures.

  3. Design and Size: Measure the available space in your home to ensure the beverage center fits comfortably. Some models are freestanding, while others can be built into existing cabinetry.

  4. Temperature Range: Check the temperature range of the beverage center to ensure it meets the specific requirements of your favorite beverages.

  5. Noise Level: Consider the noise output of the unit, especially if you plan to place it in a living area or open kitchen. Look for models with quiet operation for a more pleasant experience.

  6. Interior Lighting: LED interior lighting not only enhances the display of your drinks but also creates an inviting ambiance during gatherings.

  7. Brand Reputation and Warranty: Choose a reputable brand with positive customer reviews and a reliable warranty to ensure peace of mind with your purchase.

By keeping these factors in mind and selecting a beverage center that aligns with your preferences and needs, you can transform your home into an oasis of beverages, making every gathering a delightful experience for you and your guests.


Explore Our Premium Beverage Centers

From compact 18-inch under-counter beverage refrigerators to the larger 24-inch beverage center undercounter models, we have a diverse array of options designed to suit every need and space. Each beverage center in our collection is crafted with precision and quality to ensure your drinks are stored in optimal conditions.
  • Tall Beverage Refrigerators: Our tall beverage refrigerators offer ample storage space, making them perfect for large families or avid entertainers who need to keep a variety of drinks readily available.
  • Under-Counter Beverage Fridges: Maximize your kitchen or bar space with our sleek under-counter beverage fridges, designed to fit seamlessly into your cabinetry.
  • Beverage Centers: Our beverage centers combine advanced cooling technology with stylish design, ensuring your drinks are kept at the perfect temperature.
  • Beverage Refrigerators: Choose from a wide selection of beverage refrigerators, each built to offer reliable performance and convenient storage.
  • Compact 18-Inch Under-Counter Beverage Refrigerator: Ideal for smaller spaces, our compact 18-inch models provide efficient storage without sacrificing style or capacity.
  • 24-Inch Beverage Center Undercounter: For those who need more storage, our larger 24-inch beverage center models offer expansive capacity while fitting neatly under your counter.
  • Built-In Beverage Centers: Our built-in beverage centers are designed for easy installation, blending seamlessly into your existing kitchen or bar setup.
  • Small Beverage Refrigerator: Perfect for tight spaces, our small beverage refrigerators offer compact storage solutions without compromising on cooling efficiency.
  • Beer Fridge: Keep your favorite brews perfectly chilled with our specialized beer fridges, designed to maintain the ideal temperature for beer storage.
  • Drink Refrigerator: Store a variety of beverages, from sodas to wines, with our versatile drink refrigerators, ensuring every drink is perfectly chilled.

FAQ of Beverage Centers

Q: What is the ideal temperature for storing beverages in a beverage center?
A: The ideal temperature for storing beverages varies depending on the type of drink. Generally, most beverages are best kept between 35-50¬įF. Our beverage centers offer adjustable temperature settings to cater to different beverage needs.

Q: Can I install a beverage center under my kitchen counter?
A: Yes, many of our models, including the compact 18-inch under-counter beverage refrigerator and the larger 24-inch beverage center undercounter, are designed for easy installation under your counter, providing a seamless look.

Q: What are the benefits of a built-in beverage center?
A: Built-in beverage centers offer a streamlined appearance by integrating smoothly with your existing cabinetry. They also save space and provide a dedicated area for beverage storage, enhancing your kitchen or bar’s functionality and aesthetics.

Luxury Wine and Beverage Storage Brands

(Life expectancy 10+ years)

1. Zephyr Presrv¬ģ¬†

Renowned for its cutting-edge technology and elegant design, Zephyr stands at the pinnacle of luxury beverage storage. Offering features like precise temperature zones, vibration dampening, and state-of-the-art preservation technology, Zephyr models are a statement of sophistication and a testament to the art of wine collecting. 

Best Seller: Zephyr Presrv 24" Single Zone Beverage Cooler | Holds 168 Cans 

Meet everyone’s chilled beverage needs with the 24" Wide Presrv Full Size Single Zone Beverage Cooler. The sleek design of this beverage cooler is made to enhance your kitchen décor with the perfect amount of edge to contribute to a chic, contemporary space. Features include full-extension wooden shelves to hold your favorite wine and adjustable transparent-gray glass shelves for your craft brew collection or your favorite refreshments.

Our PreciseTemp and Active Cooling technologies actively work together to maintain and ensure precise temperatures in all corners of your Presrv beverage cooler. Choose from three beautiful LED lighting colors to set any mood and display your collection in style. This cooler is ready, willing and able to be the life of the party.


2. Liebherr

With a global reputation for premium refrigeration, Liebherr brings unmatched quality to wine and beverage cooling. Emphasizing precision, energy efficiency, and superior materials, Liebherr units are designed for those who seek reliability and class in every glass. 

Best Seller: Liebherr 24" Wide Outdoor/Indoor Refrigerator | 5.5 cubic foot

The Liebherr RO-510 24-In. 24-In. Indoor/Outdoor Premium Beverage Center is the ultimate barbecue and entertainment accessory. It offers a convenient for place barbeque supplies, condiments, and beverages such as wine, beer, and soft drinks‚ÄĒallowing you to have all your ingredients within reach without compromising your design aesthetic. The appliance temperature can be set from 36 degrees to 68 degrees Fahrenheit and operates perfectly within ambient temperatures from 50 degrees to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.




ZLINE combines style with substance, offering wine coolers and beverage storage that enhance any room’s aesthetics while providing optimal storage conditions. Known for their craftsmanship and innovative features, ZLINE models cater to those who refuse to compromise on form or function. 

Best Seller: ZLINE 24" Touchstone Dual Zone 44 Bottle Wine Cooler with Stainless Steel Glass Door, RWDO-GS-24

Indulgence should never just be a dream - it should be within reach. The ZLINE 24" Touchstone Dual Zone 44 Bottle Wine Cooler with Stainless Steel Glass Door (RWDO-GS-24) boasts an outdoor-compatible cooling system and an integrated stainless steel glass door, offering you the perfect solution for hosting gatherings of all sizes. With a superior level of sophistication, ZLINE Touchstone Wine Coolers are expertly designed to elevate your entertainment experience at home - both indoors and outdoors!





Quality Wine and Beverage Storage Brands: Reliable Performance, Exceptional Value

(Life expectancy 6-8 years)

1. KingsBottle

Balancing quality with affordability, KingsBottle offers robust solutions for wine and beverage enthusiasts. Their units are built with attention to detail, ensuring consistent temperature and humidity control, making KingsBottle a trusted name for those who prioritize both their collection and their budget. 

Best Seller:¬†KingsBottle 39‚ÄĚ Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Combo | Holds 100 Cans & 28 Bottles | KBU28LRX¬†

The KBU28LRX is a 39 inch wide dual zone, double door wine and beverage combo. It holds 100 Cans and 28 Bottles. Ideal for any setting; bar, restaurant, home, garage, basement, or kitchen. Allows for the storage of the perfect combination of wines and beverages. Easily convertible to fit all your needs. This fully finished black cabinet and front breathing design means it can be purposed for either built-in or freestanding use.

  • The charged tempered safety glass is coated with two layers of UV protection to keep your wine safe from both incandescent and fluorescent light sources.
  • The attractive stainless steel glass door hardware on the KBU28LR beer and wine cooler is easy to clean and maintain.
  • The quiet and durable vibration-free cooling compressor combines with our state-of-the-art fan to distribute cool air throughout the cabinet, ensuring temperature uniformity in the entire cooler.
  • Includes four strong, non-warping hardwood designer shelves and four chromed shelves included. Both shelves and racks are easy to remove to tailor your wine cooler and beverage center storage needs.
  • High-end digital display controllers.
  • Locks with a spare key to protect your stock.
  • Unique front-vented heat dispersion systems that allow each cellar to be built into cabinets with minimal clearance.
  • Interior LEDs.


2. Summit

Summit Appliances are revered for their reliability and diverse range. From under-counter to full-size units, Summit provides versatile options that don’t skimp on features, making it a go-to brand for wine lovers and entertainers alike.

Best Seller: Summit 24" Wide, 51 Bottle Dual Zone Fully Integrated Built In Wine Cooler

The VC60D is a dual zone wine cellar designed to store bottles under the ideal conditions. The door features a slightly tinted double pane tempered glass construction to protect your collection from UV light, with seamless stainless steel trim for a sleek, professional look. This unit includes a stylish stainless steel handle. The door swing is user reversible, offering more flexibility when positioning the unit.


3. Smith & Hanks 

Focusing on user-friendly designs and efficient performance, Smith and Hanks deliver quality wine coolers perfect for budding collectors and experienced sommeliers. Their commitment to customer satisfaction shines through in every product. 

Best Seller: Smith & Hanks Freestanding Beverage Cooler | Holds 80 Cans | BEV70

Reclaim space in your refrigerator with a Smith & Hanks freestanding beverage cooler. At 18" wide and storage of up to 80 12 oz. cans, it's a great choice to store soda, water, beer any other beverages you'd like to keep cool and within reach. With our adjustable shelving you can configure the space to accommodate tall bottles or other drinks. Leave the refrigerator for food and let us take care of your drinks.

The premium appeal of the BEV70 features an all black exterior which blends seamlessly into any home décor while elegantly displaying your beverages. Rimless tinted glass gives you a compelling look to make others envious and a lock to keep out any unwanted guests. When it comes to reliability and peace of mind, Smith & Hanks is second to none. 


4. Allavino

Allavino excels in offering customizable storage solutions with their flexible shelving and multi-zone temperature control wine coolers. Ideal for collectors of varied collections, Allavino combines functionality with convenience. 

Best Seller: Allavino 48 Inch Wide | 346 Bottle Triple Zone Side-by-Side Wine Cooler | Tru-Vino Technology and FlexCount II Shelving

Made up of one single zone wine refrigerator and one dual zone wine refrigerator with opposite hinges, the Allavino FlexCount Classic II 3Z-YHWR7274-S20 Three Zone Wine Refrigerator with Tru-Vino Temperature Control Technology makes it easy to store up to 346 wine bottles, and can be used as a stylish freestanding unit or built into your cabinetry for seamless wine storage. Protect and preserve your wine collection with the latest innovation in wine storage technology from Allavino. Precisely set your desired temperature with the easy-to-use control panels and trust in Tru-Vino Temperature Control Technology to protect your collection through consistent temperature maintenance. This wine refrigerator features sturdy hardwood shelves that glide out smoothly on roller guides, giving you convenient access to every bottle without disrupting the delicate wine maturation process.

The 3Z-YHWR7274-S20 is a Triple Zone Wine Storage Cooler that holds up to 346 bottles. With a front breathing design, this unit can be used for built-in or freestanding use. Stainless steel finishes speak volumes to the stunning elegance this wine and beverage cooler will bring to your home.



Economical Wine and Beverage Storage Brands: Great Value Without Compromise

(Life expectancy 5-6 years)

1. Danby

Danby proves that you don’t have to break the bank for quality wine and beverage storage. Offering compact, efficient, and stylish units, Danby provides an excellent solution for those looking to save space and money without sacrificing quality. 

Best Seller: Danby Silhouette Bordeaux | 24" Dual Zone Integrated Wine Cooler | Holds 129 Bottles 

Silhouette by Danby, puts the world’s finest wine coolers and beverage centers directly in your home and business. A staple in the industry, their products will transform your kitchen with incredible design, uncompromised quality, and a diverse line-up. Celebrate your kitchen, with Silhouette by Danby wine and beverage storage.

For those refined tastes and robust collections, only a heavyweight wine cellar will do. This elegant column is a unique statement piece that houses the finest features, including stable shelving and tip-free technology, to ensure every bottle is cradled with care. The temperature swing-free cooler promises to properly store each and every varietal that pleases your palette.

The SPRWC140D1SS is a Dual Zone Wine Storage Cooler that holds up to 129 bottles. The dual zone feature allows for temperature regulation for both reds and whites. Pro-vection cooling includes two whisper quiet fans that remain on to circulate the air to maintain an even temperature. With a front breathing design, this unit can be used for built-in or freestanding use. Stainless steel finishes speak volumes to the stunning elegance this wine and beverage cooler will bring to your home.


2. Whynter

Whynter specializes in creating high-efficiency, compact wine coolers and beverage refrigerators that fit seamlessly into any space. Perfect for those who are space-conscious but still want their collection perfectly preserved. 

Best Seller: Whynter 30" Wide, Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Center | French Doors | Holds 33 Bottles & 88 Cans

Store your favorite beverages with style in this Whynter 30‚ÄĚ Built-In French Door Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator and Beverage Center. It holds 88 standard 12 oz cans in its left zone, and 33 standard 750 ml wine bottles in its right zone, making it perfect for casual parties, dinners, or any other at-home beverage needs.

The sleek black design makes this an elegant piece of furniture in any dining room, living room, or basement, and your drinks are easily accessible through 4 removable pull-out sliding wire shelves in the left zone, and 6 in the right zone. With the automatic interior light, the tempered glass door, and the separate temperature and storage zones, this is an stylish and functional product for storing all types of sodas, energy drinks, beers, wines, and more.


3. Lanbo

Lanbo offers economical options without cutting corners on features or build quality. With a range of sizes and designs, Lanbo units are an excellent choice for those new to wine collecting or looking for an affordable secondary storage option. 

Best Seller: LanboPro 32" Wide, 287 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler | French Doors | Black Exterior Finish

The LP328D is a Dual Zone Wine Storage Cooler that holds up to 287 bottles. With a front breathing design, this unit can be used for built-in or freestanding use. The units black finishes and French doors speak volumes to the stunning elegance this wine and beverage cooler will bring to your home.

  • Great capacity:¬†This wine cellar has plenty of space for your favorite wine or champagne, can hold up 287 bottles. Capacity is based on the size of a Bordeaux bottle using the standard (750ml).
  • Built-in or freestanding:¬†Spacious design can be built-in to standard base cabinets or stand alone. The unique front-venting heat dispersion system allows each under counter wine cooler to be built-in with minimal clearance.
  • Wooden shelves:¬†The wine cooler come with 16 beech wooden shelves, each shelf has slide rails, make a easily to access and place bottles. Sturdy shelves makes you feel more secure in storage.
  • Internal LED lighting:¬†Equipped with white internal LED light. Soft lighting displays your collection without disturbing the integrity. Lighting will automatically shut off after 10 minutes.
  • LED Strip light:¬†White interior LED lighting provides a comfortable soft display your collection and ambiance in your home‚Äôs space.
  • Temperature memory function:¬†Set temperature will automatically be restored in the event of a power outage or interruption.
  • Filtering system:¬†This under counter compressor wine refrigerator cooler features a carbon filtration system which effectively decontaminates the inside cabinet to create a comfortable environment for your drinks and maintain its quality and premium taste.
We are committed to providing high-quality beverage center refrigerators and exceptional customer service. Our knowledgeable team is here to help you find the perfect refrigerator for your home and answer any questions you may have.

Enhance your home with our **quality beverage centers** and create the perfect space for your drinks. Explore our offerings today and discover the ideal **beverage storage system** for your lifestyle."