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MON3800A Precision Climate Controlled Humidor | 1,500 Cigars



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MON3800A Electronic Cigar Humidor with Optional Ammonia Removal

The MON3800A cigar cooler humidor has been designed by professionals who understand what smokers need and want from their gear. It has seven separate levels and specific temperature settings so as not to spoil your cigars' freshness which can be impacted by dry air among other things. This cutting-edge humidor will keep your stogies safe from any damage due to improper handling or fluctuating conditions, and allowing you to control how moist and plump you want them to be.

MON3800A Precision Climate Controlled Humidor

Spanish Cedar Interior with Tempered Glass Door

The MON3800A is an electronic humidor that will keep all of your precious cigars fresh in a breathable environment. Made with Spanish cedarwood, this classic design will match any room you put it into to store and display all the lovely stogies!

Anyone who likes to smoke cigars will love this humidor cabinet. With a piano-painted finish available in Black or Golden Burl, it is the perfect way to store your collection while avoiding any risk that they'll be damaged or stolen. The tempered glass door and security lock ensure that people won't have access even if they try to break in!

Sleek LCD Panel with Bright LED Lighting

The perfect humidor for a cigar aficionado, the MON3800A features a sleek and stylish look with an LCD touch panel that makes it easy to set your desired temperature and humidity levels at 60-75% RH with ±1% precision! It also comes with LED lighting strips that brighten cigars, especially in those dimly lit cigar lounges.

MON3800A Precision Climate Controlled Humidor

Cigar Aging and Heating Zones

What do you love the most about smoking? There are so many different ways to enjoy your favorite smoke! The top compartment of this humidor is perfect when you want medium-term storage. If long-term storage is what you need, use the middle section where cigars can be monitored more closely. And don't forget that if emergencies arise, you can put them in the wake-up area at the bottom so your cigars can get heated or dehumidified.

Efficient Hydro Cooling System

The MON3800A electronic humidor is the best investment you can make for your cigars. With its dual-core water cooling system, it provides just enough heat or cold depending on the season so that your precious smokes stay safe no matter what weather may come their way!

Tired of constantly filling up your humidor? You'll never need to worry about adding water frequently since this unit automatically circulates liquid, so cigars stay fresh without drying out too quickly! Plus, with state-of-the-art refrigeration technology, your money will go a lot further than ever before thanks to lower energy consumption.

Produces Super-Fine Water Molecules

The MON3800A is an innovative electronic humidor that can store both loose and boxed cigars. The revolutionary design of the hydrophilic copper tube evaporator releases 0.4-nanometer water molecules to provide fog-free humidity, preventing dryness in stored cigars.

Large Humidity and Temperature Sensors

A high-end solution for the modern-day smoker, the MON3800A humidor features seven temperature and humidity sensors to make sure your cigars are in the best environment possible. The clover hollow pattern racks with dividers mean you can store as many different types of cigars all at once within one unit!

Optional Ammonia Removal System

Many cigar aficionados are worried about the aging process of their cigars. Take into account that whenever a cigar is stored for too long, it would produce ammonia which will permanently latch on and affect its flavor. To make sure you don't have to worry when your favorite smoke goes bad in storage, we recommend getting yourself a MON3800A humidor equipped with a plasma emitter.

This optional device intelligently eliminates any undesired odor during cigar alcoholization by producing hydrogen and oxygen-free radicals that eliminate 99% of ammonia.

Comparing C-Series vs MON Series

 Model C-Series MON-Series
Main Difference Humidity precision ±3% Humidity precision ±1%
Consumables or not Yes. the wet membrane needs to be changed once a year.
Wet membrane humidification
No consumable.
Evaporator water molecular cloud humidification
Humidity Range 60%-75% ±3% 60%-75% ±1%
Cooling Method Air cooling Water cooling
Cooling system  Single-core system Dual-core system
Air circulation 2 temperature and humidity sensors, it has fans on both top and bottom of the cabinet and air vents on each shelf which forming a waterfall style 360° cubric wind cooling and humidity flowing results in the cigar cabinet Max 7 large temperature and humidity sensors in different positions, the upper, middle, and underneath of the cabinet.
5 horizontal and 4 vertical interchange style air ducting
Temperature and humidity control program Non-frequency control Frequency control
Smart Control NO YES
Independent quick dehumidification drawer NO YES
Ammonia removal function NO YES(optional parts)
Other function MON has an automated odor-removing function
1,400-1,500 cigars
23.62" W x 24" D x 71.65" H
Net Weight 231 lbs
Material Solid wood
Finish Black or Golden
Interior Lining
Spanish cedar
Lock Yes
Tempered glass
Interior Lighting LED
Humidity Range 60-75%
Temperature Setting Range 61°-72°F
Humidity Precision ±1%
Humidification Type Cloud
Cooling Method Water cooling
Cooling System Dual-core
Air Circulation 5 horizontal and 4 vertical interchange style air ducts
Total number of fans 9
Temperature and Humidity Sensors 7
Temperature and Humidity Program Frequency control
Ammonia Removal Function Optional
Smart Control Yes
Independent Quick Dehumidification Drawer Yes
Automated Odor Removing Function Yes
Heater Type 2 Metal PTC
Max Heating Power 250W


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