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Collection: Electric Cigar Humidors

Electric cigar coolers are modern and technologically advanced storage solutions. They are equipped with temperature and humidity controls, providing precise conditions for aging and preserving cigars. Cigar collectors who value precise environmental control and aging might opt for electric cigar coolers.

An electronic cigar humidor is extremely important if you want to keep your cigars fresh for a very long time and also want an easy storage solution. We have listed down some of the best electric cigar cooler humidors that you can buy on the market right now.


Electric Humidors vs. Regular Cigar Humidors

Electric Cigar Cooler Humidors:

  • Utilizes thermoelectric technology for consistent temperature control.
  • Equipped with electronic humidifiers and hygrometers for precise humidity regulation.
  • Larger storage capacities available, suitable for modern storage needs.
  • Requires minimal maintenance with automated controls for temperature and humidity.
  • Ideal for enthusiasts seeking convenience and advanced features.

Regular Cigar Humidors:

  • Relies on passive humidity regulation without built-in temperature control.
  • Uses traditional humidification methods, such as humidifiers or moisture beads.
  • Varied storage capacities, ranging from compact units to larger cabinets.
  • Requires regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure optimal conditions.
  • Appeals to purists who appreciate the traditional charm and hands-on approach of cigar storage.


Explore Our Electric Cigar Cooler Humidors

Welcome to our curated collection of premium electric cigar cooler humidors, where innovation meets sophistication. Dive into a world where your cherished cigars are preserved in optimal conditions, ensuring their flavor and freshness are maintained to perfection.

At the heart of our collection lies the cutting-edge thermoelectric humidor technology. These electric humidors harness the power of advanced thermoelectric systems to create the ideal environment for your cigars. Say goodbye to fluctuating humidity levels and temperature inconsistencies, as our Temperature Controlled Electric Cigar Humidors ensure a stable and precise climate for your prized cigar collection.

Discover the elegance and functionality of our Electric cigar cabinets and electronic cigar humidor cabinets. Crafted with precision and designed with aficionados in mind, these cabinets not only store but showcase your cigars in style. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or just beginning your cigar journey, our collection offers the best electric humidor cabinet options tailored to meet every enthusiast's needs.

Searching for Refrigerated Cigar Coolers or Electric Cigar Coolers? Look no further. Our range boasts state-of-the-art coolers that combine refrigeration with humidity control, ensuring your cigars remain in pristine condition. With features like adjustable shelves, digital displays, and sleek designs, our coolers are the epitome of luxury and functionality.

Explore our selection of Cigar Cooler Humidors for Sale and find the perfect match for your cigar storage requirements. From compact designs to spacious cabinets, our collection offers a variety of options to suit any space and preference. Don't miss out on our exclusive Electric humidor cabinet for sale deals, where quality meets affordability.

For those seeking the best small electric humidor, we've got you covered. Our compact yet powerful humidors are perfect for enthusiasts with limited space without compromising on performance.

Indulge in the ultimate cigar storage experience with our exceptional electric cigar cooler humidors collection. Shop now and elevate your cigar journey with us!



Authorized Retailer For Our Brands

Whynter Electric Cigar Coolers - At Whynter, we are all about precision in our specialty appliances. Our cigar humidor cabinet coolers come equipped with specific technology to maintain temperature and humidity.

Case Elegance - Case Elegance marries luxury aesthetics with quality storage. Trail blazing the industry in electric cigar storage solutions featuring the Fridgador and the Airo Electric Cigar Coolers.

Humidor Supreme Cigar Coolers- Enjoy your favorite cigar with Quality Importers' selection of cigar humidors, cutters, and lighters. Our high-quality products are designed to provide a premium smoking experience. Discover the beauty and functionality of Quality Importers products.

Prestige Import Group Cigar Coolers - Elevate your smoking experience with Prestige Import Group's collection of cigar humidors and accessories. Our selection features high-quality materials and craftsmanship, perfect for any cigar enthusiast. Discover the beauty and functionality of Prestige Import Group products.



Popular Electric Cabinet Humidors

Fridgador by Case Elegance

  • The "Fridgador" is an active humidity system and temperature-controlled humidor 
  • Two large, solid-body cedar drawers extend on smooth premium roller tracks 
  • White LED overhead light illuminates the interior
  • Adjust and set both temperature and humidity with a simple-to-use digital touch screen
  • Equipped with a series of internal electric fans to circulate humidity evenly throughout the unit
  • Total climate control is now possible for your home cigar collection


The Remington by Prestige Import Group

Meet The Remington Electric Cabinet Humidor. A 2000 count electric climate/humidity controlled cigar cabinet. This unit comes in 3 different finishes; Dark Cherry, Black Oak, and Espresso. Featuring LED Lighting, 6 drawer style shelves, and electric humidity controls this cigar storage cabinet is intended for avid cigar collectors, smoke shops and lounges!


Humidor Supreme Electric Cigar Humidor Cooler

Bringing you the top storage solutions is our top priority and Humidor Supreme has a wide variety of high quality storage solutions that are visually stunning and incredibly unique. The Humidor Supreme electric cigar cooler holds up to 2500 cigars and equipped with 100% electric temperature and humidity control.  Featuring sliding shelves. bin roll outs, and adjustable feet this cooler is extremely impressive.