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Our Kegerators Are Fully Equipped With Everything You Need. Buying a Kegerator is exciting but don’t get caught with your blinders on. To ensure you make an informed decision and get the kegerator that best suits your needs, consider the following checklist

  • Size and Capacity: Width and Keg Capacity

  • Type of Kegerator: Built- In Or Freestanding 

  • Compatible Keg Sizes: Common sizes include half-barrel (full-size), quarter-barrel, and mini-kegs.

  • Temperature Range: Typically between 33°F to 40°F

  • CO2 Tank and Regulator: Are these Included?

  • Number of Taps: Single, dual, or triple tap systems available

  • Material and Build Quality: Stainless Steel is most common and best

  • Mobility and Locking Wheels: If you plan to move the kegerator frequently, consider models with built-in casters or locking wheels for easy mobility and stability.

  • Drip Tray and Drainage System: Ensure the kegerator has a drip tray to catch spills and a convenient drainage system for easy cleanup.
  • Indoor vs Outdoor: Outdoor Kegerators need to have a 304 Stainless Steel Weather Resistant Exterior


Your Kegerator For The Perfect Home Bar Upgrade

There's just something about serving beer straight from the tap that brings a different level of joy to drinking beer. Remember those college days? However, there's more to just having a great party when looking for the right kegerator for your home. Some of the benefits of purchasing a Kegerator include the following:

    • Great for entertaining
    • Saves money on beer costs
    • The Bar Experience at Home
    • Keeps beer fresh and cold for long periods of time (6-8 weeks)
    • You can use it for beverages other than beer
    • Draft Beer is greater than Canned/Bottled beer (In our opinion)
    • Kegerators vary by all sizes serving your specific needs
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