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Collection: American Chest Company

Welcome to our exclusive collection from American Chest Company, where craftsmanship and heritage blend seamlessly to offer you the finest in home storage solutions. Renowned for its exquisite design and superior construction, American Chest Company delivers unparalleled quality in each piece. From sumptuous jewelry boxes to expansive flatware chests, and sophisticated cigar humidors, discover the perfect American-made storage chests to enhance your home's elegance and functionality.


American Chest Company Storage Solutions

American Chest Flatware Chests Crafted from the finest hardwoods, American Chest Company's flatware chests are a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. These large silverware chests not only organize and protect your valuable cutlery but also add a touch of timeless beauty to your dining room. Each chest, from the expansive Grandeur collection to the compact Provincial series, is lined with tarnish-resistant fabric, ensuring your flatware remains pristine for years to come. Best Seller: Grandeur Flatware Storage Chest | Holds 180 Pieces  

Grandeur Flatware Storage Chest | Holds 180 Pieces


American Chest Jewelry Boxes The American Chest jewelry boxes combine functionality with aesthetic pleasure. Available in a range of sizes and finishes, from mahogany to cherry, these American-made jewelry boxes include features such as necklace hangers, integrated watch cushions, and multiple drawers. The Majestic and First Lady collections are perfect for those who require a large jewelry chest with ample space and specialized compartments for various types of jewelry. Best Seller: Grandeur Flatware Storage Chest | Holds 180 Pieces

Grandeur Flatware Storage Chest | Holds 180 Pieces


American Chest Cigar Humidors For aficionados of fine cigars, the American Chest Company's cigar humidors offer the perfect climate-controlled environment to preserve and age your cigars. Constructed with Spanish cedar lining for optimal humidity levels and featuring precise hygrometers, these humidors ensure your cigars maintain their freshness and flavor. The Connoisseur collection, with its luxurious finishes and customizable humidity settings, stands out as a must-have for both novice and seasoned cigar enthusiasts. Best Seller: Amish Hand Crafted Wooden Cigar Humidor | Holds 75 Cigars | Rich Mahogany Finish

Amish Hand Crafted Wooden Cigar Humidor | Holds 75 Cigars | Rich Mahogany Finish




Shopping Guide for American Chest Company Products

Understanding Your Needs

Before purchasing, assess the specific storage needs and space availability in your home. Whether it’s a large jewelry chest for an extensive collection or a compact silverware chest for essential items, choosing the right size and capacity is crucial.

Materials and Craftsmanship

American Chest Company prides itself on using only the highest quality American hardwoods. Each piece is finished with attention to detail, ensuring not only durability but also a product that ages beautifully. Opt for a finish that complements your home décor.

Features to Consider

  • Locks and Security: Especially important for jewelry boxes and silverware chests to protect valuable items.
  • Lining Material: Look for tarnish-resistant linings in flatware chests and soft fabric linings in jewelry boxes to prevent scratches and damage.
  • Customization: Some chests come with adjustable dividers or removable trays, offering flexibility as your collection grows.

Longevity and Care

Investing in an American Chest Company product means acquiring a piece that can be passed down through generations. Regular maintenance, such as dusting and avoiding direct sunlight, will keep these chests in pristine condition.



Why Choose American Chest Company?

With American Chest Company, you’re not just buying storage; you're investing in heirloom-quality pieces that preserve your treasures in unparalleled style. Each product promises durability, crafted with the care and tradition of American woodworking expertise.

Shop Our American Chest Company Collection today! Browse our collection and discover the perfect blend of beauty, functionality, and timeless elegance. Whether for organizing precious jewelry, storing cherished flatware, or keeping cigars at their best, the American Chest Company has a sophisticated solution for every need.