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MON2800A Precision Climate Controlled Humidor | 1,300 Cigars



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MON2800A Electronic Humidor Cabinet with Optional Ammonia Removal

The MON2800A Humidor Cabinet is perfect for all cigar aficionados out there who want to take their smoking experience to a whole new level. The six shelves and different temperature settings make this storage system the best choice for all your cigars, ensuring they're in excellent condition while also keeping them at 60-75% RH level at ±1% precision.

MON2800A Precision Climate Controlled Humidor

Finest Spanish Cedarwood Shelves

With the MON2800A electronic humidor, you'll never have to worry about your cigar collection going stale. It is made of Spanish cedar wood and features a classic design that will match any room. It's fully prepared with an adjustable thermostat so cigars can always be stored at optimum conditions while still out on display for everyone else to see!

This humidor cabinet is the perfect way to ensure your cigars are safe and sound. With a Black or Golden Burl piano-painted finish, this piece will blend in well with any home décor. While its tempered glass door ensures that even if someone tries to force their way into it, they'll be out of luck because there's a security lock.

Elegant LCD Panel with LED Interior Lighting

The MON2800A features a sleek, black LCD touch panel that allows you to set the desired temperature and humidity levels with ease. It also comes with LED lighting strips that illuminate cigars beautifully on every occasion.

MON2800A Precision Climate Controlled Humidor

Three Sections for Cigar Aging and Smoking

Think of this humidor as your own personal cigar bar! The top compartment is perfect for storing medium-term smokes when you want to keep them close at hand. When it comes to long-term stash, use the middle section where you can monitor cigars more closely. And if there's ever an emergency situation that requires quick prepping before smoking, put your favorite stogies into the wake-up area for heating or dehumidification.

Dual-Core Water Cooling System

The MON2800A electronic humidor is everything you could want in a stable cigar storage system. The dual-core highly accurate water cooling provides the perfect balance of temperature to keep your cigars safe from both intense heat or winter cold!

The alarm will notify you when the water level becomes low. Plus, there's no need to add water frequently because the circulating liquid keeps cigars fresh for you. Cutting-edge and eco-friendly refrigeration mean that this unit is a great investment for you in terms of money as well as environmental impact.

Ultra-Fine Cloud Humidification

The MON2800A is the ideal humidor for storing both loose and boxed cigars, with an evaporator that produces 0.4-nanometer water molecules for fog-free humidification. No more worrying about dried-out cigars in poorly sealed boxes!

Multiple Humidity and Temperature Sensors

The MON2800A cigar cooler humidor has many additional features. It comes with seven large temperature and humidity sensors to make sure your cigars are in the best environment possible without any blind spots. Plus, it has racks with clover hollow patterns that have dividers between them so you can store as many different types of cigars in just one unit.

Optional Ammonia Removal System

Your humidor is your haven. It's where you go to escape the chaos of life and enjoy a cigar, but with time it can become an undesirable place that ruins any enjoyment from a good smoke. Luckily, there are ways around this issue by using the MON2800A Humidors which come equipped with an optional plasma emitter.

This nifty device eliminates unwanted odors in just moments before they ruin your experience entirely! It releases hydrogen and free radicals that destroy 99% of ammonia, a revolutionary technology that will keep your cigars fresh and safe from harm.

Comparing C-Series vs MON Series

 Model C-Series MON-Series
Main Difference Humidity precision ±3% Humidity precision ±1%
Consumables or not Yes. the wet membrane needs to be changed once a year.
Wet membrane humidification
No consumable.
Evaporator water molecular cloud humidification
Humidity Range 60%-75% ±3% 60%-75% ±1%
Cooling Method Air cooling Water cooling
Cooling system  Single-core system Dual-core system
Air circulation 2 temperature and humidity sensors, it has fans on both top and bottom of the cabinet and air vents on each shelf which forming a waterfall style 360° cubric wind cooling and humidity flowing results in the cigar cabinet Max 7 large temperature and humidity sensors in different positions, the upper, middle, and underneath of the cabinet.
5 horizontal and 4 vertical interchange style air ducting
Temperature and humidity control program Non-frequency control Frequency control
Smart Control NO YES
Independent quick dehumidification drawer NO YES
Ammonia removal function NO YES(optional parts)
Other function MON has an automated odor-removing function
1,200-1,300 cigars
23.62" W x 24" D x 63.77" H
Net Weight 209 lbs
Material Solid wood
Finish Black or Golden
Interior Lining
Spanish cedar
Lock Yes
Tempered glass
Interior Lighting LED
Humidity Range 60-75%
Temperature Setting Range 61°-72°F
Humidity Precision ±1%
Humidification Type Cloud
Cooling Method Water cooling
Cooling System Dual-core
Air Circulation 5 horizontal and 4 vertical interchange style air ducts
Total number of fans 9
Temperature and Humidity Sensors 7
Temperature and Humidity Program Frequency control
Ammonia Removal Function Optional
Smart Control Yes
Independent Quick Dehumidification Drawer Yes
Automated Odor Removing Function Yes
Heater Type 2 Metal PTC
Max Heating Power 250W


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