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Collection: Bathroom Safety

Over 10,000 people in the United States turn 65 every day. 1 in 4 older adults report falling - this equals about 36 million falls per year. Maintaining safety and independence while bathing is imperative to long term health. The TrustLine Shower Safety Seat is the right investment that provides stability, comfort, sturdy construction, and safety.

Lifetime Warranty IncludedĀ 

We promise to replace this product if at any point the TrustLineĀ shower seat is malfunctioning, broken, or not performing to the advertised quality. We will issue a brand new chair at no additional cost. You must be the original purchaser of the chair.

Email or call 502-833-6237


Safeguard Your Bathroom and Loved OnesĀ 

Falling can have serious consequences for health and well-being. So itā€™s important to take steps to prevent falls and minimize the risks associated with them. Using assistive devices such as shower chair seats, grab bars, and practicing safe movement techniques can lessen the risks.

The TrustLine Shower Safety Seat keeps you and your loved ones safe. This shower seat is designed specifically for those with mobility issues to help prevent untimely and unwanted falls while allowing for a safe spot to get clean.Ā 

The consequences of falling can be severe. Don't wait until it's too late to protect your loved ones. Fall Prevention Helps:

  • Physical injuries:Ā Falls can lead to a range of physical injuries, including fractures, sprains, and bruises
  • Loss of independence:Ā A fall can result in a loss of independence, as the person may become reliant on others for help with daily activities.
  • Fear and anxiety:Ā After a fall, a person may become fearful of falling again, which can lead to anxiety and a reduced quality of life.
  • Depression:Ā The loss of independence and fear of falling can contribute to depression and other mental health issues.
  • Hospitalization:Ā In some cases, a fall can result in hospitalization, which can be costly and disruptive to your life



Falls Are Preventable - Let's Care For Our Aging PopulationĀ 

  • Over 10,000 people in the United States turn 65 every day.
  • 1 in 4 older adults report falling - this equals about 36 million falls per year
  • More than 8 million falls require medical attention or limited activity after the fall
  • Healthcare costs are also on the rise. In one year alone, medical costs for falls are about $50 billion.
  • 32,000 older adults have died from falls - that's 88 older adults per day
  • Death rates from falls have increased about 30% in the last decade.
  • Statistics are true and factual directly fromĀ




Your Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Shower Safety Seats

When it comes to ensuring safety and comfort in the bathroom, especially for the elderly, disabled, or those recovering from injury, choosing the right shower safety seat is crucial. Our TrustLine shower chair provides support and stability, making daily hygiene routines both safe and dignified. Hereā€™s what you need to know to about our best shower seat that meets your or your loved one needs.Ā 


What is the TrustLine Shower Chair?Ā 

It is a seat for shower for elderly and bath seats for adults: These provide a secure place to sit while showering, designed to prevent slips and falls.

  1. Shower Chair for Elderly: Specifically designed with the comfort and needs of older adults in mind, these chairs help maintain independence. These chairs are made with features like non-slip feet and sturdy handles, making them ideal for seniors who need added stability. Tailored for ease of use, these chairs often come with features like non-slip seats and easy-to-clean materials.Ā 

  2. Shower Chair for Injured or Disabled: Enhanced with safety features such as adjustable heights and supportive backrests, these chairs cater to the diverse needs of disabled individuals. Ideal for temporary use while recovering from surgery or an injury, with features that help reduce the risk of bathroom accidents.

  3. Chair for Inside Shower and Chair in Shower: Compact and water-resistant, these chairs fit comfortably inside a shower stall or bathtub, providing a secure seating option.

  4. Shower Seat for Shower and Bath: These terms often refer to any type of seating designed for use in a wet environment, providing essential support.

  5. Shower Chair with Arms: Offering extra leverage for sitting down and getting up, these chairs are preferred for those requiring additional support.

  6. Elderly Chair for Shower and Old People Shower Chair: Specifically designed with the comfort and needs of older adults in mind, these chairs help maintain independence.

  7. Handicap Shower Chair: These are crafted to meet the specific requirements of individuals with mobility challenges, featuring higher weight capacities and durable construction.

  8. Shower Chair for Bathtub and Shower Chair for Tub: Perfect for those who have traditional bathtubs; these fit within the tub space to provide a safe bathing experience.


Shower Seat Features to Consider:

  • Adjustability: Look for a shower chair that offers adjustable height settings to accommodate different users and bathroom setups.

  • Materials: Ensure the chair is made from water-resistant, anti-microbial materials to maintain hygiene and longevity.

  • Size and Fit: Consider the size of your shower or tub when selecting a chair. It should not only fit well but also allow room for maneuverability.

  • Weight Capacity: Check the weight capacity of the chair to ensure it can safely support the user.

  • Ease of Cleaning: Opt for shower chairs with smooth surfaces and minimal crevices to simplify cleaning and maintenance.

  • Is it safe and comfortable?Shower safety seats are essential for anyone who may be at risk of falling in the bathroom. By providing a stable place to sit, these chairs help reduce the risk of slips and falls, making showering a safer, more comfortable experience. The TrustLine Shower Seat also comes with a lifetime warranty.Ā