5 Best Cigar Humidor Cabinets For Home and Commercial Use

5 Best Cigar Humidor Cabinets For Home and Commercial Use

Welcome to our in-depth guide on the top five cigar humidor cabinets. Whether you're a seasoned aficionado or a business owner looking to enhance the cigar experience in your establishment, finding the right cigar humidor cabinet is essential. These cabinets are designed to preserve the quality and flavor of your large cigar collections, making them a must-have for enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike.

In this article, we'll explore the finest options in the world of cigar humidor cabinets, ranging from commercial cigar humidor cabinets suitable for cigar lounges, bars, and smoke shops, to small and large cigar humidor cabinets perfect for personal collections.

Investing in cigar humidor cabinets offers a multitude of compelling reasons. First and foremost, cigar humidor cabinets provide a controlled environment that regulates temperature and humidity levels, ensuring your prized cigars age gracefully and maintain their flavor profiles. For commercial establishments, large cigar humidor cabinets not only serve as functional storage but also as an eye-catching centerpiece, captivating customers and enhancing the overall ambiance. Smaller cigar humidor cabinets are perfect for homes, allowing aficionados to curate their personal collections with precision. Additionally, these cabinets offer the convenience of easy access, allowing you to savor your favorite cigars at a moment's notice. Lastly, storing large quantities of cigars is difficult - it goes without saying these cigar cabinets provide the space required for large cigar collections.

Whether you're a connoisseur looking to preserve your cigars at their peak or a business owner aiming to create a captivating cigar experience, cigar cabinets are the cornerstone of achieving excellence in cigar storage and presentation. Join us as we dive into the world of cigar cabinets, ensuring your cigars are stored and showcased in style. We've got you covered with the latest recommendations and insights.



The Best Cabinet Cigar Humidors For Home and Commercial Use

1. Reagan Electric Cigar Humidor Cabinet

The first of the large cigar humidors cabinets on this list "The Reagan" is an impressive statement piece. Extremely popular among cigar enthusiasts, cigar lounges, and smoke shops. This unit is so popular it needs to be pre-ordered. Storing your cigar collection has never been easier because you can set your desired temperature and humidity and forget about it. Allowing an easy way to monitor your collection - you can just peak through the glass doors at 14 shelves full of cigars and read your digital hygrometer from the exterior.

Features include: 14 Spanish cedar shelves, interior A/C outlets, glass doors, dual zone functionality, digital hygrometer, and LED lighting. If you're looking for something to impress, you've found it here with the Reagan Electric Cigar Cabinet.


  • Amazing design 
  • Stunning Furniture Piece
  • Large Cigar Storage Capacity
  • Suitable for both Commercial or Residential Use



    2. Commercial Display Cabinet Humidor | Holds 4000 Cigars

    The Humidor Supreme Commercial Display Cabinet is at the top of the list because it is currently one of the newest models that you can get on the market. It has a total capacity of 4000 cigars, but can vary depending on the size of cigars that you’re going to store inside. Take note that this humidor is very bulky, so handle with care especially because it needs to ship LTL freight.

    With its transparent glass doors, you can monitor your cigars without opening them. Take note that it also comes with an airtight seal to make sure that it is well insulated and that the outside temperature won’t have any effect on its interior.


    • Integrated LED Lighting System
    • Huge capacity
    • Adjustable Shelving
    • Lock, Key, Handles, and Rubber Seals


    • Humidification Not Included


    3. Bermuda Commercial Display Cabinet Cigar Humidor

    The “Bermuda” is a 4000 count Commercial Cigar Cabinet Humidor. It is ideal for the business owner selling cigars or the avid cigar collector. Beautifully showing off the large cigar collection with clear glass double doors. 

    This large cigar cabinet is the most classic looking and most popular. From our experience it's the most reliable, trusted, and sturdy wooden cabinet on the list. It blends into almost any décor for your home or business. It's packed really well when shipped considering it must travel LTL freight.  



    • Durable construction
    • Classic design
    • Humidification comes included


    • Lead times 4-8 weeks


    4. Santiago End Table Cigar Humidor with Glass Top & Drawers | Holds 700 Cigars

    One of the main selling points of a cigar humidor is its elegance, design, and functionality. Although the basic features are definitely important, most cigar enthusiasts would prefer a design that would fit the theme of their room. What more could you ask for than a beautifully designed dual functioning end table and cigar humidor cabinet?

    The Santiago End Table Cigar Humidor is also a storage unit that can hold up to 700 cigars. Hand crafted of solid wood with a walnut finish the end table would be a perfect piece for a man cave or cigar lounge. Featuring a pull out drawer with dividers and two adjustable shelves in the base. 


    • Comes with a drawer and dividers
    • Durable wooden construction
    • Can store up to 700 cigars
    • Comes with hydra humidification unit
    • Blends into any room as a normal piece of furniture


    • Takes a few days to "season" the humidor because the wood is very dry


      5. Humidor Supreme Cigar Tower Humidor | Holds 2000 Cigars

      A must-have for a big collection, the Tower is a well-constructed humidor cabinet that creates an impressive display of your cigars. It features a simple and modern design that redefines any retail or home environment. This cabinet humidor also offers a versatile cigar storage system with its shelves and drawers that are cedar-lined to help maintain consistent humidity. 

      With a double-glazed tempered glass door, the Tower makes it easy to find what you are looking for without having to open the humidor. The beveled door utilizes hidden piano hinges for a seamless look and features SureSeal Technology to avoid moisture from leaking. This display humidor also includes a gold-plated lock and key with a tassel to protect your cigar investment.


      • 5 Shelves
      • SureSeal Technology ensuring proper seal
      • Simple and efficient design


      • The tower cabinet variant with drawers in rated not as high. Cigars dry out quicker in the drawers due to poor circulation



        Bonus Cigar Cabinets

        Large Cigar Locker Humidor Cabinet | Holds 7000 Cigars

        The 7000 Count Cigar Locker made the bonus list because business owners can use this piece to generate additional revenue by selling each individual locker with a cigar or the month club. Think about the additional revenue you can create for your cigar bar. smoke shop, or lounge if you were able to implement a strategy like this. Not only does it keep customers engaged and coming back but this cigar locker will eventually pay for itself! 


          Marciano Commercial Display Cigar Humidor Cabinet

          The Marciano made the bonus list because it is the top selling Point of Sale Cigar Cabinet on the market. Beautifully constructed, it will display your cigars for your business right by the register encouraging additional sales for some of your finest cigars. Increase your average order value by adding the Marciano Point of Sale Cigar Cabinet Humidor.


            Final Thoughts

            Looking for a luxury cigar cabinet humidor is very simple and easy if you know the features that you need. Choosing a cigar humidor should be based on the type and number of cigars that you want to keep.

            If you are looking for cabinet cigar humidors, we have a great list of items that you might want to check. If large cabinet cigar humidors aren't for you, we have a wide variety of other cigar humidor storage.

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