True Review: The Danby Silhouette Mosel Ice Maker

True Review: The Danby Silhouette Mosel Ice Maker

The Danby Mosel Undercounter Ice Maker: A Must-Have Appliance for Any Home?

When it comes to enhancing your home bar or kitchen with a standalone ice-making solution, the Danby Mosel Ice Maker stands out as a popular choice among homeowners. Known for its compact design and efficient ice production, this appliance promises to be an invaluable addition to any home. But, like any product, it comes with its share of highs and lows. In this review, we'll dive into the details of the Danby Silhouette Mosel Ice Maker, evaluating both its glowing endorsements and the criticisms it faces, helping you make an informed decision.



The Key To Understanding The Mosel Controversy 

First, you need to understand what the Danby Silhouette ice machine is. The Danby Mosel ice maker runs water over a chilled grid until ice forms, then the ice drops to the insulated container-- there is no chilled air so this is not a freezer to store ice long term. The ice begins to melt slowly over time and you'll need a drain to dispense of the melted ice (now water) -- hence a built in drain pump is included with the Danby Mosel Ice Maker. Built in ice makers that are also freezers mostly cost in the range of 2x or 3x the price of this Danby. This is the most common misconception about the Danby Ice Maker and is the root of a lot of bad reviews. However, if you know what you're buying you will be more satisfied. Now we know the major difference from this ice maker to others let's give the Danby Silhouette Mosel a fair evaluation of its features.



Key Features of the Danby Mosel Ice Maker

The Danby Mosel Ice Maker boasts a range of impressive features designed to cater to the needs of ice lovers:

  • Rapid Ice Production: Capable of producing up to¬†32 pounds of ice per day and storing up to 25 pounds at a time, it ensures you never run out during parties or family gatherings.
  • Self-Contained, Compact Design: Perfect for small spaces, Only 15" wide it fits nicely in any kitchen or bar. It also fits under most counters seamlessly, making it ideal for both indoor and partial outdoor use.
  • Electronic Controls: With a simple, intuitive interface, you can start making ice with the touch of a button. The LED indicators inform you when the storage bin is full or when more water is needed.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Operating with R134a refrigerant, it's a greener choice that reduces your carbon footprint.



Positive Reviews: Why Users Love the Danby Mosel Ice Maker

Many users have lauded the Danby Mosel Ice Maker for several reasons:

  • Efficiency: Reviewers often highlight how quickly the machine produces ice, which is particularly convenient during events or hot summer days.
  • Ease of Use: The straightforward controls and auto shut-off function when the ice bucket is full add to its user-friendly appeal.
  • Quiet Operation: Unlike some bulky and noisy models, this ice maker is noted for its relatively quiet performance, making it less of a disturbance in peaceful home environments.

Actual Reviews

  • "Wow we love it. We had hesitations with keeping it as our measurements were a little off on where it was going. I see some have complained about noise levels with these ice makers. I would compare it with one of those small water fountains that used to be a hit that sat on the a table to what you here when its in ice making mode. We use it everyday and its 10 degrees outside can't wait to use it when it's 90 degrees outside when our demand for ice is at its peak. "


  • "Based on my experience with my U-line, here are the reasons this Danby is SO MUCH BETTER. - THREE options for draining the melting ice water: manual--you can actually have this machine and not have a drain. I wouldn't do that, but it's GREAT to have this as an option. You need to manually drain the water, I'd guess about once a day. OR, gravity drain, if you're lucky enough to have a drain below the level of the icemaker. OR, built-in drain pump--these usually increase the cost of an ice machine by a few hundred dollars, but it's BUILT-IN/included here, WOW!!! - oversplash of the water flowing over the chilled grid: I struggled with my Uline the ENTIRE time I owned it, trying to stop the water splashing onto the ice. It made the ice melt quickly, and was continuously running. We tried everything from aluminum tape to plastic cups stuck in the machine, and it never really worked well. This Danby has a full plastic plate covering the water flow over the grid, which forces any overflow into the recycling water bin rather than onto the ice - removable ice bin. Sometimes you want ice in a cup, but sometimes you want to fill a whole cooler. This is the only clear ice machine I've seen that has an ice bin you can pull out. - separation between ice and melting water. There's a raised shelf that the ice sits on, and the melting water drains below this. I suspect this keeps the ice more dry, and stops it from melting more quickly. - so far, the ice is coming out very thick and solid, working GREAT for producing nice cubes. I saw another review stating how the ice came out in sheets that needed to be broken apart--I'm SO thankful to have solid ice cubes. Most sheets break apart when they fall, but when the bin is almost full, the final sheets don't fall as far and don't break apart. This is a good thing! - gorgeous stainless door, towel bar handle and included stainless scoop with interior hook"


  • "‚Ā¶We have had under counter ice machines for years. They tend to have a short lifespan 3-5 years and have been very pricey. This one was about half the price and makes the same great ice and very simple to use"



Criticisms and Concerns

However, no product is without its drawbacks, and the Danby Mosel Ice Maker is no exception:

  • Occasional Malfunctions: Some users have reported isues with the sensor that indicates when the ice bin is full, leading to overflows or halted production.
  • Maintenance Needs: A few reviews mention that regular cleaning is necessary to maintain optimal performance and taste of the ice, which can be a bit cumbersome.
  • Durability Issues: There are isolated complaints regarding components failing within a year of purchase, though these seem to be less common.


Actual Reviews

  • "‚Ā¶I've gotten past the fact that this ice maker doesn't store ice long term because it actually makes ice pretty fast and we always have it readily available when we need it. For the price it's pretty good. I would recommend a plumber install and placing it near an outlet, water connection, and drain (close to a sink)‚Ā©"


  • ‚Ā¶"The ice cubes come out in sheets and don't break apart. The built-in pump stopped working after two months. I had to have it reinstalled for gravity drainage. It makes a lot of noise when making ice."


  • "‚Ā¶I had a Danby ice maker in another house with which I was very happy. I tried to get the same or a similar model to it for our new house. As with the first ice maker we had the plumber install a drain. It‚Äôs making great ice; no complaints there. However, it seems to run a lot and it is extremely loud. I feel like a noisy dishwasher is running constantly. You do have to break up the ice as it drops in sheets, but I don‚Äôt view that as an issue. My main concern is the noise and how often it seems to be running."



Final Thoughts- Is the Danby Mosel Ice Maker Right for You?

The Danby Mosel Ice Maker offers a blend of functionality and convenience, making it a suitable choice for those in need of efficient ice production without taking up much space. It’s ideal for entertainment enthusiasts, families, and anyone who appreciates having a steady supply of fresh ice on hand. While there are some concerns about sensor accuracy and long-term durability, the majority of user experiences suggest a high level of satisfaction, backed by a 24 month manufacturer’s warranty that mitigates some of these risks.

For prospective buyers, weighing these positives against the negatives will be key. If rapid ice production and compact design are at the top of your priority list, the Danby Mosel Ice Maker might just be the perfect addition to your kitchen or home bar setup. Just remember: 

  1. This is an ice maker, not a freezer
  2. This is priced extremely attractive as an economical choose
  3. It needs to be close to a drain or sink
  4. Backed by a 24 months manufacturers warranty

If the Danby Silhouette Ice Maker isn't for you check out our other built-in ice makers that are both ice makers and freezers. Built-In Ice Maker Collections




Danby Silhouette Mosel - 15" Undercounter Ice Maker | Makes 32 Lbs Of Ice 

The Danby Silhouette Mosel is a 15" undercounter ice maker made for indoor use. By far our most popular built-in ice maker option for all homes. This versatile and efficient ice maker offers several notable features that are reliable and won't break the bank. 

  • 3 sizes of cube settings
  • Produces up to 32 lbs. of¬†ice daily
  • Stores up to 25 lbs. of ready to serve¬†ice¬†
  • Removable internal ice bucket
  • Built-in drain pump for less mess
  • Stainless Steel door with black exterior cabinet
  • Build into cabinets or use as a free standing appliance
  • Slim 15-inch undercounter ice maker with small footprint
  • Ambient temperature operating range, 60¬į-80¬į Fahrenheit.
  • No louder than a whisper. Noise rating: 45 decibels.
  • Includes 24 Month Manufacturers Warranty
  • Dimensions: 24.09 in. (D) x 34.45 in. (H) x 14.96 in. (W)


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