Top 5 Small Kitchen Flatware Storage Ideas

Top 5 Small Kitchen Flatware Storage Ideas

You might be spending a lot of time in the kitchen and enjoy preparing food. Perhaps you have guests over for the holidays, and you need premium silverware. It’s a pleasure to cook and eat with top-quality flatware. But once you finish using it, optimal storage is mandatory. It ensures the item will look spotless for future uses.

If you need the best flatware storage box, you are on the right page. You can check out the selection singled out by experts below. This guide also offers tips on how to prepare and store silverware in these units!


What Is the Best Flatware Storage for a Small Kitchen?

If you bought premium quality silverware, you invested big money. These pieces look wonderful and do a fantastic job. Apart from the flatware, you should also consider acquiring a top-quality storage solution.

Here is a quick list of things to consider when picking a flatware storage box:

  • Base material. Wood is the most common choice since it has impressive durability. The thickness varies depending on the unit.

  • Finish. You can pick from a massive selection of protection layers. Make sure there’s an anti-tarnish coating on the outside.

  • Storage capacity. An average-sized chest can hold 180 pieces. However, that varies and can be less, but can also go up to 360 items.

Other details include handles and hardware, box layout, warranty, and budget. Here are several storage suggestions you can’t go wrong with for storing your silverware!

1. American Chest Grandeur Flatware Storage Chest

    The American Chest Company designed a storage solution that maximizes functionality and aesthetics. You’ll notice the manufacturer used solid cherry hardwood. If it matters, the material originates from the USA. The company makes the entire product in the United States. 

    As for cherry hardwood, it’s incredibly durable. It will ensure the unit looks like new for years. ACC added a heritage cherry finish. It gives a classy touch, especially in combination with the anti-tarnish lining. That maximizes resistance to moisture and air. It ensures wood maintains its luxurious appearance for a long time. The flatware storage box comes with sculptured hardware with an antique brass finish. That addition fits the traditional unit’s design. It adds to the overall product’s appearance. 

    Once you open the unit, you’ll notice storage on both sides. The total capacity is 180 pieces, and the manufacturer indicates you can fit 24 knives and forks, but also 12 tablespoons, etc. If you need extra room, there is a drawer at the bottom. You use the handle to pull it out and take advantage of the extra space.

    The flatware storage unit weighs eight pounds. It’s another proof the company wasn’t cheap when it comes to construction quality. The overall dimensions are 6.75x17x11.75 inches.

    2. American Chest Traditional Flatware Storage Chest

      If you feel a compact-sized unit is all you need, the American Chest Company has the right product for you. Their traditional silver flatware storage can hold up to 150 pieces. Apart from the classic 12-unit service capacity, there’s a 10-slot rack in the deck. It doesn’t have extra drawers outside classy appearance.

      ACC is famous for its hand-crafted chests, and this unit is no exception. The manufacturer used cherry hardwood from the United States. The finish is in rich mahogany, adding to the product’s elegance. Creators didn’t forget the anti-tarnish lining for protection.

      The product has standard dimensions – 11.5x17 inches. You’ll notice it seems a bit thin due to the lack of extra compartments. The height is four inches, and the unit’s total weight is five pounds.

      3. American Chest Presidential Super

        You are a passionate cook that understands the value of cutlery. As a result, you have multiple silverware sets. It’s complex to store them in several boxes. ACC offers a single unit as an alternative.

        This silver flatware storage chest fits up to 360 pieces. It has a main compartment and two additional drawers below. That comes out to an impressive capacity that will meet the demands of even the biggest silverware collectors.

        The Presidential Super unit maintains the quality standards set by the American Chest Company. You’ll notice hardwood as the primary material. The sheer size means the product can’t be small, so it’s 10” high. As for the basic dimensions, they are 17x11 inches. The chest weighs 11 pounds, but that might increase significantly with the full capacity.

        ACC didn’t experiment with the finish. They used rich mahogany with a lining that helps resist tarnish. The drawer knobs are round and have a nickel finish. The latter is also noticeable on the hardware on the unit’s sides.

        It’s interesting to note that the company created this design for the White House. Some rumors say that ACC will equip US embassies with flatware sets. That’s another indicator of brand quality.

        4. Canadian Sapele Flatware Storage

          Unlike other sets made by the American Chest Company, this one is 100% Canadian. That means the materials come from this country. Solid Sapele wood is the primary compound that maximizes the unit’s durability. The manufacturer added a natural finish to ensure elegance and a classic product appearance.

          As for the layout, you’ll notice it holds flatware for 12 persons. You can put a dozen knives in the lid rack. The ten-slot rack and a couple of blade spreader areas in the corners are nice additions. Canadian Sapele Flatware Storage is a compact solution. It’s only four inches high and 15.75” wide. That makes finding a spot for it easier.

          5. Canadian Divided Flatware Storage

            If functionality is your primary consideration, this silverware box is the right choice. It’s an entry-range chest since it doesn’t have advanced storage. Instead of a separate spot for each unit, you get five different compartments. The basic four are in the lower section, and there is an extra one inside the lid.

            Maple is the symbol of Canada, so using it for this chest isn’t a strange move. The solid wood comes with a pine finish. It adds to the antique appearance and ensures the box fits traditional decors. You can hold service up to 24 in the unit. And the best part is this is among the most affordable flatware storage solutions on the market. If you don’t want to break the bank, this will deliver excellent value for money.


            How to Pack Stainless Flatware for Storage

            You can get the most expensive storage solution on the market. It still won’t be worth much if you don’t follow the necessary steps when packing stainless flatware. While finding a storage box is an excellent start, you still need to organize everything.

            Here are the steps to stick to in the process:

            1. Begin by washing flatware piece by piece. If there are any stains, aim to remove them as soon as possible. Experts recommend not using a dishwasher but your hands. There’s no need to soak cutlery for a long time. Instead, you can use a mild detergent and warm water.

            2. Make sure they dry completely. Use a soft cloth to wipe flatware immediately after washing. Use a towel or set an area where you will place the cutlery to continue drying.

            3. Polish the silverware with distilled white vinegar. If you notice any stains, you can use this trick. Use this solution to dampen a cloth and wipe its surface. You’ll see how it improves shininess. If you have rusty areas, you can combine water and baking soda. That solution can be effective, but don’t forget to rinse and try the piece after that.


            How to Store Flatware So It Doesn’t Rust in Storage

            The next step involves placing the items in the storage box. For starters, open the unit and get to know its inner compartments. You’ll find places for knives on the lid’s inner part. Look for a cushioned area that will protect the blades. It also ensures sharp items don’t hurt you if they drop out of positions. Another reason why knives have special protection is that they don’t damage other flatware. That’s also why you should place the blades in the box first. 

            Once you finish, you can proceed to forks and spoons. These usually go to the primary section. It’s a matter of preference, but forks often begin on the right. You’ll find multiple slots for spoons. That’s because you’ll have at least two different sizes of this flatware. Before you close the box, add a piece of chalk. Yes, it’s the one you might have used in school. The idea is for chalk to gather any excessive moisture and ensure the components don’t stain.


            Final Thoughts

            Acquiring a top-quality flatware storage box is a long-term investment. These storage units can hold a large number of forks, knives, and other cutlery. Thanks to premium materials, they’ll protect the items from rust and environmental factors. As a bonus, these units look fantastic and maintain an admirable appearance over time.

            You can’t go wrong by choosing a cherry hardwood flatware chest. This natural material is durable and usually comes with an anti-tarnish lining. You can choose between different hardwoods and finishes in online stores. Feel free to look for a flatware chest you like and place an order today!

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