Tips For Wine Storage At Your Home

Tips For Wine Storage At Your Home

So you’ve noticed the bottles of wine are beginning to accumulate in your house. No problem, just wait until the perfect occasion to share and serve. In the meantime, it’s important that you store those precious bottles in the right conditions. Here are some simple tips to help the casual wine drinker, collector, or home entertainer preserve your goodies!

  • Store at the Proper Temperature
    • Heat is wines worst enemy. It will accelerate the aging process and in essence “cook” the wine resulting in flattening the flavors and aromas
    • Red Wine- Serve between 45- 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideally 55 degrees
    • White Wine- Serve between 45- 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideally 55 degress
    • Whatever temperature you decide to store it at, avoid fluctuating the temperature as it will cause expansion and contraction of the cork allowing for air to penetrate the bottle
  • Store the Bottles Horizontally
    • Keeping the wine horizontally helps keep the cork moist, which is imperative for long-term storage. A dried cork can cause seepage or accelerated aging
  • Protect your Wine from Light and Vibration
    • Ever wonder why wine bottles are in colored glass? It’s like wearing sunglasses for the bottle of wine protecting it from the light. Just like the previously mentioned storage suggestions, exposure to light and vibration will accelerate the aging process. The UV from light will ruin the flavor but also vibrations can cause sediments in the bottle to disrupt the aging process
  • Store at the Proper Humidity
    • Like heat, humidity is not a friend to your wine bottle or the storage of them. Humidity potentially could impact the longevity of the bottle and affect the label by peeling making it difficult to display or resell
    • Ideal humidity level is between 60%-70%
  • Store in a Wine Fridge, Not a Your Refrigerator!
    • This is our expertise…please please please store your wine in a wine fridge also called a wine cooler. Check out some of our best storage solutions here.  A regular fridge will get too cold and dry, and the amount of vibration is not recommended. We have a wide range of freestanding or built-in capable storage solutions that will fit almost any budget.

It’s time to stop storing your wine like a rookie and come up to the big leagues. A wine cooler is the perfect item for showing off your wine collection. It makes for a great addition to your kitchen, mini-bar, or basement. Trusted Home Goods can not only provide you with great storage solutions for your wine but we offer wine dispensers, beer kegerators, cold brew dispensers that will surely be the talk of any gathering. Check out our selections here today!

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