Think Outside of the Box For your Rental Strategy

Think Outside of the Box For your Rental Strategy

Imagine walking into an Airbnb and being able to purchase the gorgeous art work on the walls, or the comfy couch you’re sitting on, maybe you love the grill that’s out back and think it would be great at your own home. It's crazy enough that it might just work!

Create an online store associated with your STR and sell these items! You can direct guests to your online store and they can complete the purchase and you provide details via email communication. Pretty much creating a small drop shipping store or affiliate store for your guests. Don't believe me? See for yourself below


Offer services within your home for guests to purchase

Ever hear of Turo? The Airbnb for cars. Sure lots of people drive to your airbnb but lots of people also fly. Having a car available for guests to rent is a game changer. 

Other things you can rent out at your home include; beach chairs for the beach, bikes for bike rides, scooters, among other things. The key is to capitalize on the trends you see around you and bring it in as part of your home. But be sure to make these public on your listing so guests know these are not free amenities.


Use your STR as an affiliate and get paid to refer your guest places 

Businesses and brands pay huge money for people to be referred to them or their services. Partner up with local businesses, products, influencers, and refer your guests to their services by offering discounts or creating guides and things they can do around your STR. Negotiate referral or affiliate fees for sending your guests to your partner businesses

Affiliate marketing is probably the hottest trend outside of short term rental properties.


Sell Snacks and Beverage Services like a small convenient store 

Piggy backing on making your home a store, what if your guest forgot a phone charger, earbuds, toothbrush, deodorant, or something simple that you can stock inside your home. 

You can do one of two things:

  • Create a secure area in the home where guests can purchase these items. Only when they purchase the items do you give them the secure location and instructions on where to find it
  • Sell snacks and beverages using a vending machine, beverage center, or large display refrigerator. Just like a hotel mini-bar or the modern day self checkout system. You can position a display fridge or beverage center/wine cooler to be self check out and either charge for missing items or have them complete a checkout process for those items 

It’s time to start thinking outside of the box and re-investing in your property. At Trusted Home Goods we can help in two ways-

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