It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home Entertainment Spaces

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home Entertainment Spaces

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I’m guessing you’ve spent a lot of time at home over the last year. And I bet you realized, there’s a lot of things around the house that need an upgrade. As life begins to return to a familiar normalcy, you’re going to want to have company over and if you love to entertain guests, it’s about time you consider upgrading your home with these entertainment essentials:

The Wine Fridge (AKA The Wine Cooler)

  • Temperature controlled appliance designed for the storage of wine
  • Substitute for the wine cellar
  • Beautiful display to showcase your wines
  • Variety of products available (sizes, temperature controlled zones, built in, free standing)

The Beverage Fridge

  • Much needed addition to your main fridge for storing prepackaged drinks for entertaining
  • Variety of products available (range by size)
  • Temperature controlled

The Kegerator

  • Typically used to dispense draft beer, but also gaining popularity for dispensing other beverages
  • Great for entertaining
  • Saves money on beer cost
  • The Bar Experience at Home
  • Keeps beer fresh and cold for long periods of time (6-8 weeks)
  • Draft Beer is greater than Canned/Bottled beer (In my opinion)
  • Variety of products available (range by size)

The Humidor

  • Storage container that is designed to help maintain humidity levels for storage of cigars
  • Temperature controlled
  • Classy way to store and display cigar collections
  • Perfect for the casual cigar smoker or the cigar collector
  • Variety of products available (range by size and display)

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