Get Great Reviews On Your STR Using These Methods

Get Great Reviews On Your STR Using These Methods

There's one thing that will kill your airbnb quicker than local government restrictions and that's Bad Reviews. One bad review, especially early in your STR investing career, can quickly halt any hopes of financial freedom.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s essential that you keep your place clean and set proper expectations for your guests. But running a STR is an art and there are easy ways to increase the likelihood of stellar reviews.  

We’ve helped hundred of satisfied customers and it all starts with clearly communicating expectations. Let's help you get great reviews and increase your return on investment. Here’s how some of the best in the business provide the ultimate guest experience at their short term rental property.

Custom Welcome Gifts

Imagine walking up to the house where you’re going to stay for a short weekend and you see a custom sign that says “Welcome (Your Name)." Or you walk in to the kitchen of the home and you have a small gift basket and a bottle of wine with a hand written note welcoming you to the home. 



Provide Toiletries

I urge you to provide the basic necessities of staying in a home. This includes toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, hand towels, shower towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash/soap, toothpaste. These are easy things to overlook but if a house doesn’t have basic needs that a hotel provides - you will get a bad review


Provide Guides, Event Books, Things To Do

This gesture may go a long way because you’re supposed to be the expert that lives in the area. So offer up suggestions about the neighborhood you live, the goods spots to eat & drink and the events happening during their stay.
This will make an out of towner feel plugged right in to the community! 



Provide FREE Drinks, Beverages, and Coffee 

Showing up to a fridge full of water, soda, beer, and a coffee machine are things that put a huge smile on peoples faces. These things could be a difference maker if a guest is not having a good experience somewhere else during their stay. 

Not only is providing the free amenities a nice touch, it's important to remember to refill your stock between guests. Whatever your system and process is to flip and clean between renters - it's essential to refill your stock. There's nothing worse than showing up to no K-Cups and none of the promised amenities.



Upgrade Your Home Appliances and Entertainment Amenities

You will 99/100 times get booked because you have upgraded amenities to offer. Nice appliances, things to entertain adults and kids, upgraded entertainment spaces will go a long way in creating a memorable experience and a customer feeling at home. 

It's so important for you to differentiate your property from the competition. Implement the above and you will see happy customers using your STR. It’s time to start re-investing in your property and upgrade your home amenities today. At Trusted Home Goods we can help in two ways-

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