Fire Pit Fever: Build or Buy?

Fire Pit Fever: Build or Buy?

Are you ready to elevate your backyard ambiance with the warm flicker of a fire pit? Whether you envision cozy gatherings under the stars or lively outdoor soirées with friends, a backyard fire pit can transform your outdoor space into a captivating gathering spot. But the burning question remains: Should you build your own or opt for the convenience of purchasing a luxury fire pit? 


To Build: Crafting Your Concrete Fire Pit

There's something undeniably satisfying about DIY projects, and building your own fire pit is no exception. With a bit of creativity and elbow grease, you can customize your fire pit to perfectly suit your outdoor aesthetic.

Here's why crafting a concrete fire pit might ignite your interest:

  1. Personalization: Building your own fire pit allows you to unleash your creativity. From choosing the shape and size to selecting decorative elements like embedded stones or colorful glass beads, the possibilities are endless. Your backyard fire pit becomes a reflection of your unique style and vision.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Depending on the materials you choose, building a concrete or stone fire pit can be more budget-friendly than purchasing a pre-made option. With some research and careful planning, you can create a stunning focal point for your outdoor space without breaking the bank.
  3. Sense of Accomplishment: There's a special sense of pride that comes from creating something with your own two hands. Building a concrete fire pit allows you to flex your DIY muscles and bask in the satisfaction of seeing your project come to life. Plus, you'll have a great story to share around the fire with friends and family.


 Here's why crafting a DIY Fire Pit might not be the best idea:

  1. Safety Risks: One of the primary concerns with a DIY fire pit in your backyard is the potential for safety risks. Without professional guidance or experience, there's a higher likelihood of improper installation or construction. This can lead to accidents such as fires spreading uncontrollably, burns from hot embers or flames, or even structural failures that could harm individuals or property.

  2. Time Constraints: Building a fire pit yourself can be a time-consuming project, especially if you're not familiar with the necessary skills and techniques. From planning and design to gathering materials and actual construction, the process can be lengthy. This can be particularly challenging if you have limited free time due to work, family, or other commitments, leading to a prolonged and potentially frustrating project.

  3. Subpar Results: Without the expertise and tools of professional builders, DIY fire pits in your backyard may end up with subpar results in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and durability. Issues like uneven heat distribution, instability, or poor-quality materials can compromise the performance and longevity of the fire pit. Additionally, the finished product may not meet your expectations in terms of design and overall appearance, resulting in a less satisfying outdoor experience.



To Buy: Embracing the Luxury of Pre Made Fire Pits and Fire Tables

On the other hand, if you prefer convenience and luxury, purchasing a ready-made fire pit table might be the perfect solution. Here's why investing in a luxury fire pit table could set your backyard ablaze:

  1. Turnkey Solution: Convenience is key. Luxury fire pits and fire tables offer a hassle-free way to add warmth and style to your outdoor space. With just a few clicks, you can have a fully assembled fire pit table delivered right to your doorstep, ready to impress your guests.
  2. Sophisticated Design: Luxury fire pits and fire tables are more than just functional outdoor fixtures—they're works of art. Crafted from high-quality materials like concrete, stainless steel, aluminum, and tempered glass, these fire pits exude elegance and sophistication. Whether your style is modern and minimalist or rustic and cozy, there's a luxury fire pit table to suit your taste.
  3. Built-In Features: Many luxury fire pit and fire tables come equipped with convenient features like adjustable flame heights, built-in ignitions, and even Bluetooth speakers. With just the push of a button, you can create the perfect ambiance for any occasion, from intimate date nights to lively gatherings with friends.




The Verdict: Finding Your Flame

So, should you build your own or buy it? The answer boils down to your situation-

  • Budget Conscious? Build it at your own risk
  • Handy with DIY Experience? Build it!
  • Really Busy? Buy It, Trust me
  • Worried about quality and longevity? 100% Buy It
  • Using for an Airbnb or Investment Property? Buy it and make sure it's dummy proof for guests
  • Need for a common area of an apartment complex or by the pool? Buy it

Ultimately, the decision boils down to your situation, budget, and DIY skills, and time. Whichever option you choose, one thing's for sure: With a backyard fire pit as your centerpiece, countless memories and moments of warmth await you under the open sky. If you decide to buy it, our collection of fire features will not disappoint



Outdoor Fire Features Custom Made For Your Backyard 

In the realm of outdoor living, nothing quite transforms a deck, patio, or backyard ambiance like a meticulously crafted built-in gas fire pit. The Outdoor Plus stands at the forefront of this transformative experience, offering a range of unparalleled concrete gas fire pits and steel gas fire pits that redefine luxury and functionality for your outdoor living spaces.


Best Selling Recommendations 

The Florence Concrete Gas Fire Pit is perfect for an evening filled with incredible ambiance and laughter. Minimalist in style, this fire feature has a round body with a smooth surface that can be easily integrated into any entertainment space.

The Florence is handcrafted in California and has a durable glass fiber reinforced concrete construction that will stand up to rain, harmful UV rays, and debris. Enjoy warmth of up to 65,000 BTUs even throughout the coldest of nights. Lay the included lava rock across the stainless steel burner for an added touch of nature in your backyard. Store a standard 20lb propane tank (sold separately) inside the Florence's base via the hidden compartment to enjoy ample room for socializing as well as easy access to your fuel source. Select between a match lit ignition or CSA Certified electronic ignition to best suit your outdoor living space needs.


The Outdoor Plus Sequoia Wood Grain Concrete Fire Pit is a stunning, round fire pit with a rustic, natural look achieved by its very realistic woodgrain finish. It will fit in perfectly in a rural setting, like a ranch house or a cabin, while it will provide a very interesting contrast in a modern city home.

  • Constructed of durable Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete that will look great for many years.
  • Comes with Stainless Steel Fire Pan, Burner, Brass Valve with Chrome Cover, Key and Hoses.
  • 24" tall models have an Access Door for a Propane Gas Tank.
  • Includes all the Lava Rock each model holds.


 The Outdoor Plus 42" Beverly Steel Gas Fire Pit

Create the campfire-ambiance without the mess with the 42" Beverly Steel Gas Fire Pit by The Outdoor Plus. This fire pit boasts of a sleek surface and contemporary design that will integrate effortlessly into any entertainment space, no matter what the backdrop is.

Gather loved ones around the fire for an evening spent relaxing fireside. The Beverly's high quality steel construction ensures a long-lasting investment that can stand up to the outdoor elements, like rain and debris from destructive weather. With a stainless steel burner rated at 65,000 BTUs, family and friends can unwind around the fire even when gathering outdoors during the chilly nights. Conceal the burner out of sight with the lava rock accentuating the flames with a textured appeal. The Beverly is available for natural gas and propane. Propane configurations come with a hidden compartment on the side of the base that allows you to conveniently store a 20 lb propane tank cylinder (sold separately) inside all while saving space. Select from a standard match lit or electronic ignition system upgrade to suit your design and safety needs.



The Outdoor Plus Laguna Wood Grain Concrete Fire Table is a large piece of bar  height (perfect for bar stool seating) with a rustic, natural look achieved by its woodgrain finish. Its generous size means there is enough space for a large group to sit and enjoy drinks outside. 

  • Constructed of durable Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete that will look great for many years.
  • Comes with Stainless Steel Fire Pan, Burner, Brass Valve with Chrome Cover, Key and Hoses.
  • Has Access Door for Propane Gas Tank.
  • Includes all the Lava Rock each model holds. 

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