Cigar Humidors: What You Need To Know About Cigar Storage

Cigar Humidors: What You Need To Know About Cigar Storage


I’ll never forget the time I bought my first cigars and kept them for a special occasion! A few months later I was handing out the cigars to my friends to celebrate a birthday. We lit the cigars and they caught on fire because they were so dried out. Sadly, they were unsmokeable. From that point on I’ve learned what it meant to store a cigar properly because you never know when life treats you to a cigar worthy moment.

The cigar storage solution is called a “Cigar Humidor” and they are meant to not only store your stogie but to maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels to preserve quality and longevity of your cigars.

Here’s what you should know when shopping for a cigar humidor-

Types of humidors

Most humidors are stored in wooden storage boxes because of its moisture retention attributes.

  • Travel Humidors: Small storage solution that can hold a few cigars and makes it easy to pack in bags/luggage. The travel size case typically has a humidity pack for short term transport/storage
  • Desktop humidors: Smaller storage solution great for the casual cigar collector or smoker. Typically, a small wooden box with built in hygrometer. These are visually appealing in hand crafted wooden storage boxes.
  • End Table Humidors: Furniture pieces that act as end tables in the home. Can store a significant quantity of cigars and doubles as nice table top. End Table humidors look great in any room in your home or even in cigar retail stores. 
  • Cabinet Humidors: Are ideal for tobacco stores, cigar shops or for the serious cigar enthusiast and can display thousands of cigars
  • Electronic Cabinet Humidors:  Feature electronic climate control, allowing you to adjust the temperature and humidity with the touch of a button and can display thousands of cigars


  • Depending on your needs you will want to look for a storage solution that will allow enough room to separate cigars with different flavor profiles. Because of this, humidors with multiple compartments or drawers are best suitable if you like to carry a variety of cigar flavors.

Humidity and temperature control

  • As a rough guideline, the 70/70 rule can be applied to cigar storage: keep cigars at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 70% relative humidity. However, storing in the range of 62%-75% humidity is acceptable. Be sure to look for humidors that have a built in hygrometer to easily monitor levels so you can adjust as needed.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying your favorite cigar on a crisp fall evening. Whether you’re a cigar aficionado or a casual smoker, it’s important to understand the need to keep your cigars fresh so you can enjoy them as they were intended. At Trusted Home Goods we offer a wide variety of cigar storage solutions to protect your investments. Treat yourself and Shop our Cigar Humidor product line here to be ready for your next cigar worthy moment.

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