Best Sellers from 2021 - Wine Coolers, Kegerators, Cigar Humidors, Valuables Storage

Best Sellers from 2021 - Wine Coolers, Kegerators, Cigar Humidors, Valuables Storage

Based in Louisville, KY, Trusted Home Goods has been in business since August 2021. In just a short amount of time, we've been able to serve  many customers across America by supplying the best Wine Coolers, Beverage Centers, Kegerators, Cigar Humidors, and Valuables Storage Solutions.

If you need some ideas or an extra nudge on upgrading your home entertainment spaces here are what our customers are most frequently shopping for.

But first let's breakdown some reasons you might need or want these products for your home. You might find yourself hosting more social gatherings and family events too! 

  • Wine Coolers 
    • Collection of Wines
    • Need to store a variety of wines in a cool temperature 
    • Keeps wine out of direct sunlight 
    • Visually Stunning for home
    • Allows you to store a lot of wine
  • Beverage Centers
    • Great addition for the mancave or home bar
    • Allows for addition beverage storage space for families that carry lots of beverages
    • Easy to grab and go a cool drink
    • Perfect addition for vacation or rental home where others needs space to store overflow of beverages
  • Kegerators
    • A true "Wow" factor for any home bar set up
    • Brings the best part of the bar to your home
    • Entertaining guests has never been easier
    • Draft beer > Canned or Bottled Beer
    • Saves money long term based on volume of beer consumption
  • Cigar Humidors
    • Cigars need to be properly stored and cared for at the correct temperature and humidity levels
    • If you want cigars to have any kind of longevity, you need a proper storage solution
  • Valuables Storage
    • Our most valuable possessions need to be stored away properly
    • Protecting Jewelry, Watches, and Silverware is extremely important for keeping your assets in good condition long term
    • Besides these storage boxes look fantastic and showcase your valuables in an elegant manner

Now let's take a look at our Best Sellers!


Wine Coolers 


Allavino 48 Inch Wide FlexCount Classic II Tru-Vino - Triple Zone - Wine Cooler- 346 Bottles

You save 20%

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KingsBottle 24 Inch Wide - Dual Zone Wine Cooler - 100 Bottles

You save 5%

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LanboPro 32 Inch Wide, Dual Zone Wine Cooler- French Doors -287 Bottle (Cabinet- Black)

You save 20%

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Beverage Centers

Danby Silhouette "Ricotta" 24 Inch Wide - Single Zone - Beverage Center 


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Kegco Beer Kegerator- 24 Inch Wide - Dual Tap - Stainless Steel/Black

You save 10%

Summit Beer Kegerator - 15 Inch Wide - Stainless Steel

You save 5%

Summit Outdoor Beer Kegerator - Double Tap - 24 Inch Wide - Weatherproof

You save 7%

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Cigar Humidors

Prestige Import Group "Lemans GT" - Finger Print Lock - 120 Cigars


Prestige Import Group "Clevelander" Electronic Cabinet Cigar Humidor - 250 Cigars

You save 18%


Valuables Storage

Bey-Berk Matte Black Wood "Stanley"48-Watch Box with Glass Top & Drawer- BB786BLK

You save 10%

Bounty Flatware Storage Chest, Rich Mahogany Finish - Holds 180 pieces - American Chest Company

You save 11%


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