A Fathers Day Dream: The Ultimate Backyard Makeover

A Fathers Day Dream: The Ultimate Backyard Makeover

A well-designed outdoor space is more than just an addition to your home; it's an relaxing sanctuary where you can relax, entertain, and connect with the outdoors. Transforming your backyard into a multi-functional and enjoyable extension of your home can enhance your lifestyle and increase your property’s value. This guide will walk you through the steps to achieve a backyard makeover that is both functional and fabulous, using products from Trusted Home Goods to make your vision a reality.


Planning Your Backyard Makeover

1. Assessing Your Space

Before diving into any backyard makeover, it's crucial to understand the layout and potential of your space. Start by measuring your backyard and taking note of existing features such as trees, slopes, or structures. Consider how much sunlight different areas receive throughout the day, as this will influence your plant choices and leisure arrangements. Creating a detailed map of your backyard can help you visualize the changes and plan more effectively.

2. Setting a Budget

Creating a budget is essential to ensure your project stays on track and within financial limits. Allocate funds wisely by prioritizing the most important elements first, such as seating, cooking areas, and essential landscaping. It’s also wise to leave a buffer for unexpected expenses. Here are some budgeting tips:

  • List Priorities: Determine which aspects of the makeover are most important to you, such as a new grill, comfortable seating, or enhanced lighting, etc.
  • Research Costs: Look up the prices of the items you want and get estimates for any professional services you might need.
  • DIY vs. Professional: Decide which tasks you can handle yourself and which ones will require professional help, potentially saving money on labor costs.


3. Designing for Function and Aesthetics

Balancing practicality with beauty is key to a successful backyard makeover. Think about how you intend to use the space—whether it’s for dining, relaxing, or entertaining guests—and design accordingly. Choose durable materials that can withstand the elements without sacrificing style. For instance, opting for weather-resistant patio furniture and 304 stainless steel outdoor kitchen appliances ensures longevity while maintaining aesthetic appeal.


4. Choosing a Theme

A cohesive look can transform your backyard into a harmonious retreat. Decide on a theme, whether it’s rustic, modern, tropical, or something else. This will guide your choices in furniture, décor, and plants. For example:

  • Rustic: Think wood elements, earthy tones, and stone features.
  • Modern: Opt for sleek lines, minimalistic decor, and a monochromatic color palette.
  • Tropical: Incorporate vibrant colors, exotic plants, and bamboo furniture.

Creating The Outdoor Kitchen

A well-designed backyard isn’t complete without a dedicated area for cooking and dining. Creating an outdoor kitchen and dining space can turn your backyard into a hub for entertaining family and friends. Here’s an in-depth look at how to set up the perfect cooking and dining area.

Essential Components of an Outdoor Kitchen

  • Grill and/or Pizza Oven: The centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen.
  • Countertop Space: For food preparation and serving.
  • Sink: For easy cleanup and convenience.
  • Storage Cabinets: To keep utensils, dishes, and supplies organized.
  • Refrigeration : To store beverages and perishable items.
  • Bar Area: Optional, but great for entertaining guests.

Design Ideas and Layout Suggestions

  • U-Shaped Layout: Offers plenty of counter space and allows for efficient workflow.
  • L-Shaped Layout: Ideal for smaller spaces, providing ample room for cooking and prep work while maintaining an open feel.
  • Island Layout: Features a central island with the grill, creating a focal point and allowing for easy interaction with guests.

Choosing A Grill: Gas, Charcoal, and Electric Grills

A well-chosen grill not only enhances the flavor and texture of food but also simplifies the cooking process, allowing for greater versatility and control. Before purchasing a grill, several factors merit careful consideration to ensure that the chosen model aligns with your preferences and requirements. Check out the Grill Masters Buying Guide for more details on picking the best grill

Gas Grills

  • Pros: Quick to heat up, easy to control temperature, clean-burning, and convenient for frequent use.
  • Cons: Requires a gas line or propane tank, less smoky flavor compared to charcoal.
Charcoal Grills
  • Pros: Provides a rich, smoky flavor, high heat for searing, and traditional grilling experience.
  • Cons: Takes longer to heat up, more challenging to control temperature, and requires more cleanup.
Electric Grills
  • Pros: Easy to use, suitable for small spaces, and no need for gas or charcoal. Ideal for areas with restrictions on open flames.
  • Cons: Limited smoky flavor, requires a power source, and may not reach the high temperatures of gas or charcoal grills.


Our Recommended Grills

Blaze Premium LTE 40" 5-Burner Gas Grill With Rear Infrared Burners



Bull Brahma 38" Built-In Gas Grill | Infrared Burners & Rotisserie Spit

Fire Magic 48" 4-Burner Echelon Diamond Built-In Gas Grill

Outdoor Pizza Ovens: Bringing Gourmet Cooking Outside

Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens

  • Pros: Achieves high temperatures for authentic pizza, imparts a unique smoky flavor, and can be a beautiful focal point in your backyard.
  • Cons: Requires wood fuel, takes longer to heat up, and involves more maintenance.

Gas Pizza Ovens

  • Pros: Quick to heat up, easier to control temperature, less maintenance, and convenient for regular use.
  • Cons: Lacks the smoky flavor of wood-fired ovens, requires a gas line or propane tank.
Installation Tips
  • Location: Choose a spot that is safe, away from any flammable materials, and easily accessible from your outdoor dining area.
  • Foundation: Ensure a stable and level foundation, such as a concrete pad or a solid deck surface.
  • Ventilation: Proper ventilation is crucial for both wood-fired and gas pizza ovens to prevent smoke buildup and ensure safety.


Our Recommended Pizza Ovens

Lil Luigi Portable Pizza Oven - The Lil Luigi comes equipped with special enhancements that take your wood-fired cooking to the next level. The hinged door allows for easy access to your culinary creations, while the peephole lets you keep an eye on them without losing heat. The Lil Luigi's easy load fire box allows for effortless fueling, giving you the freedom to use your preferred wood chunks, pellets, or charcoal. With the downdraft system, lighting the oven is a breeze, getting you to cooking temperatures quickly and efficiently.



WPPO Karma 25" Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven with Cart - WPPO's colored Karma 25" Outdoor Oven slim-lined design not only adds a touch of modern elegance to your outdoor space but also optimizes functionality. These ovens are designed to fit seamlessly into any setting, providing a focal point that sparks conversation and sets the stage for unforgettable meals. WPPO's wood-fired ovens are engineered to reach optimal cooking temperatures rapidly, allowing you to indulge in wood-fired goodness without delay. 



Bull Outdoor Italian Pizza Oven | Gas Fired - The Bull Gas Fired Italian Pizza oven offers the same great features of wood-fired ovens but with the added convenience of cooking with gas. Our gas fired pizza ovens can be fueled using Propane or Natural Gas (with a conversion kit item) and don’t require the ash cleanup that is associated with their wood-fired counterparts. 



 Creating Leisure and Gathering Spots

A backyard isn't complete without dedicated spaces for leisure, relaxation, and gathering. Creating areas where you can congregate with people but also unwind and enjoy the beauty of your outdoor environment is essential. Let's explore the different ways to create both vibrant and relaxing atmospheres in your own backyard.

When it comes to creating an inviting and cozy backyard, nothing sets the scene quite like a warm, glowing fire. Whether you're roasting marshmallows with the family or enjoying a glass of wine with friends, fire pits and fire tables can transform your outdoor space into a welcoming haven.


1. Fire Pits and Fire Tables

Creating a focal point in your backyard is essential, and fire pits and fire tables are perfect for this purpose. But what's the difference between the two, and which one is right for your backyard makeover?

  • Fire Pits: Fire pits are traditional and versatile, offering a more rustic and campfire-like experience. They come in various shapes and sizes, from simple metal bowls to elaborate stone constructions. Fire pits are ideal for those who enjoy the classic feel of an open flame and the ability to gather around with a group. They're perfect for larger spaces and can be a great addition to any outdoor gathering.
  • Fire Tables: Fire tables, on the other hand, combine functionality and style. These sleek and modern pieces not only provide warmth but also serve as a table for drinks and snacks. Fire tables are perfect for smaller spaces or for those who prefer a more polished look. They often come with built-in propane tanks, making them easy to start and control. With a fire table from Trusted Home Goods, you can enjoy the ambiance of a fire without the hassle of gathering wood or dealing with smoke.


Recommended Fire Pits and Fire Tables 

The Florence Concrete Gas Fire Pit is perfect for an evening filled with incredible ambiance and laughter. Minimalist in style, this fire feature has a round body with a smooth surface that can be easily integrated into any entertainment space.

The Florence is handcrafted in California and has a durable glass fiber reinforced concrete construction that will stand up to rain, harmful UV rays, and debris. Enjoy warmth of up to 65,000 BTUs even throughout the coldest of nights. Lay the included lava rock across the stainless steel burner for an added touch of nature in your backyard. Store a standard 20lb propane tank (sold separately) inside the Florence's base via the hidden compartment to enjoy ample room for socializing as well as easy access to your fuel source. Select between a match lit ignition or CSA Certified electronic ignition to best suit your outdoor living space needs.


The Outdoor Plus Sequoia Wood Grain Concrete Fire Pit is a stunning, round fire pit with a rustic, natural look achieved by its very realistic woodgrain finish. It will fit in perfectly in a rural setting, like a ranch house or a cabin, while it will provide a very interesting contrast in a modern city home.

  • Constructed of durable Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete that will look great for many years.
  • Comes with Stainless Steel Fire Pan, Burner, Brass Valve with Chrome Cover, Key and Hoses.
  • 24" tall models have an Access Door for a Propane Gas Tank.
  • Includes all the Lava Rock each model holds.


 The Outdoor Plus 42" Beverly Steel Gas Fire Pit

Create the campfire-ambiance without the mess with the 42" Beverly Steel Gas Fire Pit by The Outdoor Plus. This fire pit boasts of a sleek surface and contemporary design that will integrate effortlessly into any entertainment space, no matter what the backdrop is.

Gather loved ones around the fire for an evening spent relaxing fireside. The Beverly's high quality steel construction ensures a long-lasting investment that can stand up to the outdoor elements, like rain and debris from destructive weather. With a stainless steel burner rated at 65,000 BTUs, family and friends can unwind around the fire even when gathering outdoors during the chilly nights. Conceal the burner out of sight with the lava rock accentuating the flames with a textured appeal. The Beverly is available for natural gas and propane. Propane configurations come with a hidden compartment on the side of the base that allows you to conveniently store a 20 lb propane tank cylinder (sold separately) inside all while saving space. Select from a standard match lit or electronic ignition system upgrade to suit your design and safety needs.



The Outdoor Plus Laguna Wood Grain Concrete Fire Table is a large piece of bar  height (perfect for bar stool seating) with a rustic, natural look achieved by its woodgrain finish. Its generous size means there is enough space for a large group to sit and enjoy drinks outside. 

  • Constructed of durable Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete that will look great for many years.
  • Comes with Stainless Steel Fire Pan, Burner, Brass Valve with Chrome Cover, Key and Hoses.
  • Has Access Door for Propane Gas Tank.
  • Includes all the Lava Rock each model holds. 

2. Heating and Cooling Elements

To ensure your backyard is comfortable year-round, it's essential to incorporate both heating and cooling elements. This way, you can extend your outdoor season and make the most of your space, no matter the weather or season.

  • Patio Heaters: When the temperature drops, a patio heater can make all the difference in keeping your outdoor space comfortable. There are two main types of patio heaters to consider:
  • Electric Patio Heaters: These heaters are convenient and efficient, running on electricity. They are typically easy to install and offer consistent heat with the flick of a switch. Electric heaters are perfect for covered patios or areas with access to power outlets. They are also more environmentally friendly compared to propane heaters, as they don't produce emissions.
  • Propane Patio Heaters: Propane heaters are highly portable and perfect for larger spaces. They run on propane tanks, making them ideal for areas without access to electricity. These heaters can produce a significant amount of heat and are great for open outdoor areas. Trusted Home Goods offers a range of stylish and functional propane patio heaters that can seamlessly blend into your backyard decor.
  • Fans and Misting Systems: As the summer sun beats down, keeping your backyard cool is just as important as heating it in the winter. Trusted Home Goods offers several solutions to help you stay comfortable during the hot months.
  • Fans: Outdoor fans are an effective and straightforward way to circulate air and provide a refreshing breeze. Ceiling fans are ideal for covered patios, while stand-alone models can be placed anywhere in your yard. Fans are an energy-efficient way to beat the heat and keep the air flowing.
  • Misting Systems: For an extra level of cooling, consider installing a misting system. These systems work by dispersing a fine mist of water, which quickly evaporates and cools the surrounding air. Misting systems are perfect for patios, pergolas, and other outdoor seating areas. They can lower the temperature by several degrees, making even the hottest days more enjoyable.

By incorporating these heating and cooling elements into your backyard makeover, you can create a comfortable and inviting space that you'll enjoy year-round. Trusted Home Goods offers a wide selection of products to help you achieve the perfect balance of warmth and coolness, ensuring your outdoor area is always ready for entertaining.



3. Hammocks

A backyard makeover isn't complete without dedicated spaces for leisure and relaxation. Creating areas where you can unwind and enjoy the beauty of your outdoor environment is essential. Trusted Home Goods offers a variety of products that can help you turn your backyard into a personal retreat. Let's explore how you can enhance your relaxation areas with hammocks, swing chairs, and patio furniture.

Tips for Selecting and Installing Hammocks

When selecting a hammock, consider the material, size, and type. Trusted Home Goods offers a range of hammocks made from durable materials such as cotton, polyester, and weather-resistant fabrics. Cotton hammocks are soft and comfortable, making them ideal for lounging. Polyester and weather-resistant fabrics are great for durability and can withstand the elements.


Types of Hammocks

  • Rope Hammocks: These are classic and breathable, perfect for hot climates.
  • Fabric Hammocks: These provide more comfort and are available in various patterns and colors.
  • Hammock Chairs: These are perfect for smaller spaces and offer a cozy spot to relax.

Once you've selected your hammock, installation is key. Ensure you have sturdy anchor points, such as trees or a dedicated hammock stand. If using trees, the ideal distance between them should be about 10-15 feet, depending on the hammock's size. Hammock stands are a versatile option that allows you to place your hammock anywhere in your yard.


Ideal Locations for Peace and Comfort

Consider placing your hammock in a shaded area to protect yourself from the sun. Under a pergola, between two trees, or near a garden can create a peaceful and scenic spot. Adding some outdoor pillows or a blanket can enhance comfort and make your hammock even more inviting.


Our Recommended Hammocks

Cotton Rope Double Hammock | Spreader Bars | 450lb Capacity

Kick back and relax in elegance with the addition of this classic, 2-person, rope hammock with spreader bars in any outdoor space. This double wide hammock with wooden spreader bars provides a place to unwind after a long day and enjoy the fresh air. Grab a friend, a good book, and some snacks, and enjoy the fresh air together all day long.

  • Double Hammock = Holds 2 Adults
  • 450lb Hammock Bed Weight Capacity 
  • Hammock Bed: 74 inches (L) x 52.25 inches (W)
  • Polyester and Cotton Blend for comfort and durability
  • 15 ft. Powder Coated Steel Stand Available
  • Hardwood spreader bars keep the hammock flat and look stylish
  • The white rope coloring goes with most outdoor schemes and dĂ©cor
  • Hammock Only Includes: Hammock Bed and Hanging Chains
  • Hammock & Stand Includes: Hammock, Stand, 2 S-Hooks, and 2 pre-attached Hanging Chains
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


Double Hammock With Pillow | Quilted Fabric | Spreader Bars Included


  • Made of Soft Polyester Fabric
  • Fabric is Quilted For Durability
  • Double Hammock = Holds 2 Adults
  • 450lb Hammock Bed Weight Capacity 
  • Available in 10 Different Color Variants
  • Includes Hammock Bed, 2 Hangings Chains, and Pillow
  • Detachable Pillow Attaches to the Hammock with Buttons
  • Fabric is Dye Treated to Make UV Resistant To Maintain Color
  • Includes Hardwood Spreader Bars to Keep Hammock Flat
  • Powder Coated Steel Stand Available in 12 Ft. or 15ft.
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty



Landscaping and Decor

A well-designed backyard makeover isn't complete without thoughtful landscaping and décor that enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Let's delve into how you can transform your backyard with green spaces, strategic lighting, and unique décor accents.

Green Spaces: Planting for Privacy and Beauty

Creating lush, green spaces in your backyard can significantly enhance its beauty and provide much-needed privacy. Here are some ideas to help you achieve a perfect balance of aesthetic appeal and practicality.

Ideas for Creating Privacy Barriers with Plants

Privacy is essential for any backyard oasis. Using plants as natural barriers is an effective and attractive solution. Here are some plant options to consider:

  • Hedges and Shrubs: Plants like boxwood, holly, and privet are excellent choices for creating dense, green walls. They can be trimmed to your desired height and shape, providing both privacy and a polished look.
  • Bamboo: Fast-growing and hardy, bamboo is perfect for creating a tall, lush barrier. It's ideal for modern and tropical-themed backyards.
  • Tall Grasses: Ornamental grasses such as pampas grass, feather reed grass, and miscanthus can add texture and height while serving as a natural screen.
  • Climbing Plants: Install trellises or pergolas and grow climbing plants like ivy, clematis, or jasmine. These plants can create beautiful, fragrant walls of greenery.


Low Maintenance Landscaping Options

For those who want a beautiful garden without the constant upkeep, low-maintenance landscaping is the way to go. Consider incorporating the following elements:

  • Perennials: Plants such as hostas, daylilies, and lavender come back year after year, reducing the need for replanting.
  • Ground Covers: Use ground covers like creeping thyme, sedum, or vinca to reduce weed growth and add a lush carpet of green.
  • Mulch: Applying mulch around plants helps retain moisture, suppress weeds, and add a finished look to your garden.
  • Native Plants: Choose plants that are native to your region, as they are better adapted to the local climate and require less water and care.


Outdoor Lighting: Setting the Mood

Proper lighting can transform your backyard into a magical retreat after sunset. It’s essential for creating ambiance, enhancing safety, and highlighting key features of your landscape.


Strategic Placement of Lights for Ambiance and Safety

Here are some tips for strategically placing outdoor lights:

  • Pathway Lighting: Place lights along walkways to guide guests safely through your garden. Solar-powered stake lights or low-voltage LED fixtures are excellent choices.
  • Accent Lighting: Use spotlights or uplights to highlight trees, architectural features, or garden art. This creates focal points and adds depth to your landscape.
  • String Lights: Drape string lights over patios, pergolas, or between trees to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. They are perfect for outdoor gatherings and parties.
  • Deck and Step Lights: Install lights on your deck or steps to improve visibility and prevent accidents.

DĂ©cor and Accents: Personalizing Your Space

Adding décor and accents is where you can truly express your personality and style. Trusted Home Goods offers a variety of items to help you customize your outdoor space.

Adding Character with Outdoor Rugs, Pillows, and Art

Outdoor rugs, pillows, and art can add comfort and style to your backyard. Here are some ideas:

  • Outdoor Rugs: Define different areas of your backyard with outdoor rugs. Choose patterns and colors that complement your furniture and overall theme.
  • Pillows and Cushions: Add outdoor pillows and cushions to your seating areas for extra comfort and a pop of color. Look for fabrics that are weather-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Garden Art: Incorporate sculptures, wall art, or decorative planters to add visual interest. Choose pieces that reflect your personality and enhance the overall aesthetic of your garden.


Seasonal DĂ©cor Ideas for Year-Round Enjoyment

Keep your backyard looking fresh and inviting throughout the year with seasonal décor:

  • Spring: Add flowering plants in vibrant colors, hang wind chimes, and place bird feeders to welcome the new season.
  • Summer: Use bright, tropical colors for cushions and rugs, set up a hammock or swing chair, and add lanterns or tiki torches for a festive atmosphere.
  • Fall: Decorate with pumpkins



Mapping out your backyard makeover is the first and most crucial step in creating a space that is both functional and fabulous. By assessing your space, setting a realistic budget, balancing function and aesthetics, and choosing a cohesive theme, you can transform your backyard into a personal oasis.

Here at Trusted Home Goods, we help home owners and real estate investors upgrade and enhance their home entertainment spaces. So let us help you turn your outdoor spaces into the retreat you’ve always dreamed of.

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