5 Best Dual Zone Wine Coolers of 2021

The Best Dual Zone Wine Coolers of 2021

If you consider yourself a wine aficionado, you need one appliance: a wine fridge. However, if you’re looking to take your love of the drink to new heights, we recommend a dual zone wine cooler. This appliance will quickly elevate your kitchen and serve the purpose of perfectly-stored wine. 

After reading this article, you’ll be set to go shopping for a dual zone wine and beverage cooler. We’ll discuss all of the pertinent topics, such as what is a dual zone wine cooler, why you need one, and some of our top picks. Keep reading if you’re ready to take your wine enthusiasm to new heights. 


Dual Zone Wine Coolers

Before discussing some of our favorite dual zone built-in and freestanding wine coolers, we will touch on why you need a wine cooler. Many homeowners see this as a luxury. However, we recommend it to anyone who loves wine. 


What Is a Dual Zone?

When it comes to buying wine coolers, there are two types for you to choose from: single zone and dual zone. A single zone will work off of one temperature control. This means that the whole cooler will be at the same temperature throughout. 

A dual zone cooler is slightly more advanced. Some come equipped with two doors, however, the zones are separated, and each has its own temperature control. This means that either side can function at a different temperature. There are many reasons a dual zone cooler is a great option, such as: 

  • Perfect for Red and White Wines 

Wine connoisseurs know that red and white wines should be stored at different temperatures. If you love both variations of wine, a dual zone cooler is perfect for you. 

This way, you can customize each side of the cooler to match your wine collection. White wine should be stored between 45 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, or 9 to 11 degrees Celsius. Red wine should be stored at about 13 degrees Celsius. This is the equivalent to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 

  • More Storage

When it comes to wine storage, bigger is better. We love having ample room to store your wines. This is especially important if you have an extensive collection. Dual zone wine coolers often feature more space. This means that you can stock up on your entire collection in one convenient location. 


Top Dual Zone Wine Coolers

Consider some of our top favorites if you're in the market for a dual zone wine fridge. These coolers have been highly-rated and loved among wine lovers. 

1. LanboPro 32” Wide, 287 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler with French Doors

Whether you’re looking for a dual zone freestanding wine cooler or a built-in option, this does it all. Built by Lanbo Pro, this cooler holds a whopping 287 bottles. It has beautiful black French doors that look elegant in any room. All of the shelves are wooden, which functions and looks great. When you open the door, soft lighting will help you find your ideal bottle. This cooler also features a low-vibration compressor, so it’s quiet when it runs. 

This gorgeous 32” wide wine cooler will make a statement in your home. If you’re committed to wine, this is the perfect option for you. 

2. Whynter Elite 12” Wide, 17 Bottle, Dual Zone, Built-In, Wine Refrigerator with Seamless Stainless Steel Door

If you’re opting for a space-saving wine cooler, this option by Whynter is great. At only 12” wide, this fridge holds 17 bottles. It can easily be added in the place of cabinets in your wet bar or kitchen. This unit stores wines anywhere between 41 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Finished with a gorgeous stainless steel door, it will match your other appliances. 

With soft interior lighting and a glass door, this small (but mighty) fridge is gorgeous. It can either be built-in or used freestanding. There are slide out metal shelves for your convenience. Lastly, an open-door warning alarm will sound to maintain the lifespan of your wine. 

3. KingsBottle 24” Wide 100 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler 

Enjoy this 100 bottle storage by KingsBottle. This wine cooler features a sleek black design with incredible wood shelving. It almost looks as good as it performs. The unique front-breathing design allows this unit to be used as a built-in or freestanding. This wine cooler is a beautiful 55.7 inches high, which adds a statement piece to your home. You’ll get a free two-year warranty with purchase. 

4. Danby Silhouette 24” Wide, Dual Zone, 129 Bottle Integrated Wine Cooler

This wine cooler by Danby is a perfect addition to your home. It is sleek and has a beautiful black cabinet. You can store 129 bottles of wine at two different temperatures. A digital thermostat allows you to change the temperature with touch control. Choose between two chic lighting colors. The ergonomic handle is 20% longer, which allows for a comfortable grasp every time. 

5. Danby Sonoma 24” Wide 51 Bottle Dual Zone, Integrated Wine Cooler


This is a perfect wine cooler for stainless steel lovers. With room for 51 bottles of wine, it is a good size for easy storage. Choose between 100% or 50% illumination. This unit also features a zero-clearance hinge system. This unique system helps the design blend in with other cabinets. 


6. Zephyr Presrv™ 24" Wide, 45 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler- Black Stainless Steel Exterior


The PRW24C02BBSG is a Dual Zone Wine Storage Cooler that holds up to 45 bottles with a black stainless steel exterior trim.  Zephyr features numerous premium featuring including; Electronic Capacitive Touch Controls, 3-Color LED Lighting in Cloud White, Deep Blue and Amber, Dual Evaporators, and  Carbon Filter Air Filtration. With a front breathing design, this unit can be used for built-in or freestanding use. The black stainless steel finish speak volumes to the stunning elegance this wine and beverage cooler will bring to your home.


Why You Need a Wine Cooler  

There are many reasons why a wine cooler is an excellent purchase. We will cover the top five reasons why this is a good investment for you. 

  • An Ideal Storage Solution

Instead of risking your wine bottles getting broken, storing them in a safe place is ideal. Unfortunately, at-home wine cellars aren’t always feasible. They are expensive and require extra square footage in your home. So a wine cooler is the next best option for you. 

Wine bottles can become damaged in pantries. Refrigerators may not offer a suitable temperature. With a wine cooler, you have an easy-tracking system for your wine. You’ll know how much wine you have in your collection so you'll always know when to stock up. These minor considerations make a significant impact. 

  • Preserve Your Wine

Wine can be finicky. If stored at the wrong temperature, it may not age well. Furthermore, it may lose its quality if stored in direct sunlight. Taking the extra steps will help your wine age properly. This means that it’ll taste better and last longer. 

Wine storage and preservation are especially important for pricey wines. Older vintage wines require extra precautions. Wine coolers will keep your wine steady with no exposure to movement or bad vibrations. It will also keep them at the perfect temperature. Lastly, it’ll help block sunlight from damaging the drink. 

  • Enjoy Your Wine

Is there anything more enjoyable than a perfect glass of wine? Wine can be expensive. Because of this, you want to enjoy it fully. Wine is also an experience. Each sip tells a story. Different flavors are present in all wines. This is one factor that has made it such a well-loved drink. 

To fully immerse yourself in a wine, you want the whole experience. This means that all of the flavors are traceable. It also means that the wine is served at an ideal temperature. By investing in a wine cooler, you can enjoy your wines more. It will also make you look like a serious wine connoisseur!

  • Cost-Efficient 

Wine cellars are expensive. They can cost thousands of dollars to install. Maintenance adds even more to the price. Because of this, a wine cellar may not be practical for most homes. Investing in another full-size fridge for your wine is also not feasible. A full-size fridge will require more energy to run than a wine cooler and storing temperatures would be incorrect. 

Wine coolers are the most cost-efficient option. They will preserve wines similar to a wine cellar. However, they are cheaper. As opposed to a full-size fridge, the temperature and structure are made for wines. This makes them a better investment, and they require less energy.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing 

If you want to elevate the appearance of your home, a wine cooler will do it! It is a small but impactful addition to any home. Furthermore, many are small enough to replace cupboards or store in a pantry. By adding a wine cooler, you'll officially look more serious about your wine collection. 



If you consider yourself a wine enthusiast, you need one of these dual zone wine coolers. Dual zone wine coolers have the best temperature range to accommodate both red and white wines. If you can't commit to a wine cellar, a wine cooler is a must-have appliance. Whether you opt for a built-in option or a freestanding cooler, you will have a safe place to store your wine. The wine will easily be preserved in light-blocking windows and temperature-controlled environments. Take your wine to the next level with this worthwhile investment. 

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