10 Amenities That Maximize The Guest Experience

10 Amenities That Maximize The Guest Experience

The short term rental market might feel a bit saturated but it's not even close to the peak. In 2023, the STR industry is valued at $90 billion with a forecasted growth rate of 4.7% per year. By 2030 the market value is expected to be somewhere around $120 Billion. That's right, that's a billion with a B. 
When it comes to short-term rentals, providing an outstanding guest experience is the key to attracting repeat visitors and positive reviews. Whether your starting your first short term rental or trying to improve your current listings - Offering thoughtful and convenient amenities can make all the difference in your booking rate and ensuring your guests have a memorable and enjoyable stay.
Differentiating your property with enhanced amenities will give your guests a memorable, unique, and cool experience. Some of these amenities are a bit expensive but they provide extra value and can also be tax deductible as a business expense.
So what do guests really want when they walk into their vacation home? Let’s check out the hottest amenities to add to any short term rental property. 

1. Instagrammable Photo Area's 

If you don't take a picture did it even happen? That's what people actually think! Creating a photo opportunity at your property that reflects the character of the home and the culture of the city will surely provide a unique experience for guests to have fun around, take pictures, and most importantly share their experience with others! 


2. Exercise Equipment

Some guests like to indulge on vacation. So a sweaty workout session might be the perfect detox for them. Having work equipment that is safe for everyone like a Peloton, treadmill, elliptical, row machine are perfect additions to your STR. Including some resistance bands, yoga mats, or light dumbbells also would be a nice touch if you have enough space. Avoid providing heavy free weights - you do not want anyone to get hurt at your property.

3. Pool and Hot Tubs

Wouldn't you book a rental with a pool or hot tub? These provide a great way to unwind and relax and gives guests an option to hang at the house between their intended plans. Providing a memorable experience for all and a great place to gather. A pool and hot tub are expensive but may be the perfect addition if you're in an area where it can be used most of the year. 

4. Recreational Games

Add some fun to your rental in case it rains or you accommodate families and larger groups. A Pool Table, Ping Pong Table, Dart Board, Arcade Games all lend a fun element to any STR!

5. TV’s and Streaming Devices

One of the most underrated amenities to provide is a way for people to stream their bedtime TV shows, watch a game on cable, or put on a movie for the kids. A must have in bedrooms and common areas. Don't underestimate this one!

6. Home Theater

If you have space for this, do it! Stadium seating, comfy recliners, and a projector screen. This is the ultimate luxury experience and can be used by small or large groups wanting to watch a big game or keep their kids busy with a great movie! 


7. Basic Toiletries

I urge you to provide the basic necessities of staying in a home. This includes toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, hand towels, shower towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash/soap, toothpaste. These are easy things to overlook but if a house doesn’t have basic needs that a hotel provides - you will get a bad review. Try presenting toiletries and a little extra as a free gift or basket of goodies

8. Upgraded Appliances

Outdated anything in a short term rental is a turn off. It comes off as not caring. If you don't care about your place then why should the guests? Enhance your appliances and provide access to all of them. Here are some things to consider: Countertop Ice Makers, Beverage Storage, Kegerators, Washer/Dryers, Upgraded Kitchen Suite Appliances.

9. Outdoor Gathering Spots

Give your guests a spot outdoor to gather and talk. This is easily the most utilized part of your rental outside of the bathrooms. Invest in a fire pit, patio furniture, or hammocks to give the ultimate upgrade in leisure and luxury. 

10. Outdoor Kitchens 

If you host large groups then this is a huge bonus. Giving the option to grill a home cooked meal outdoor is a game changer. Not a lot of people have this luxury at their own home so when they can indulge in an upgraded lifestyle during their vacation, this is exactly what scores you more money and 5 star reviews at your rental. 

These amenities will close the deal on your bookings, increase your profits, and provide the ultimate guest experience! These may sound expensive but if you run the math, adding some of these amenities:

  • Allows you to charge more per night
  • Increase your monthly occupancy rate meaning these will pay for themselves 
  • AND are considered Tax Write Offs!


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