Did you know there are 17 National Wine Days?

Did you know there are 17 National Wine Days?

Let’s start off by acknowledging that every day should be National Wine Day! If you’re a fellow wine aficionado you’ve definitely indulged in the spirit of these “Holidays.” You may have even created one yourself! But, we are all in agreement that wine should be celebrated. Wine is made all across the world, with such a wide range of flavors, and brings people together. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate wine?!

Below is a list of wine holidays registered by the National Days Calendar. Take a look for yourself and mark down your favorites

  • February 18 National Drink Wine Day
  • March 3 National Mulled Wine Day
  • April 17 International Malbec Day
  • April 24 Sauvignon Blanc Day
  • May 9 National Moscato Day
  • May 17 National Pinot Grigio Day
  • May 25 National Wine Day
  • May 27 National Chardonnay Day
  • June 11 National RosĂ© Day
  • July 25 Wine and Cheese Day
  • August 1 National Albariño Day
  • August 4 National White Wine Day
  • August 18 National Pinot Noir Day
  • September 3 International Cabernet Day
  • September 11 International Grenache Day
  • October 15 National Champagne Day
  • November 7 International Merlot Day
  • November 12 International Tempranillo Day
  • November 17 National Zinfandel Day
  • December 5 National Cabernet Franc Day

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